Get down to Earth — use Earthing to Restore and Heal


You have probably felt the health benefits of earthing at some stage of your life without realizing it. Think about the last time you took your shoes off and walked barefoot in soft grass or on a wet sandy beach. Can you remember how good it felt — how it made you feel more alive, refreshed and relaxed? Did you ever stop and wonder why walking barefoot in nature has this effect?

When you make direct contact with the Earth, there is a flow of free electrons from the ground into your body that floods it with healing energy. This energy wipes out any inflammation, anywhere in your body. Gaètan Chevalier, Ph.D. director of the Earthing Institute, says earthing is like a switch being turned on, and the body’s inner working starts functioning more vitally and robustly.

Benefits of earthing include: a reduction in inflammation by defusing excess; a reduction in severe pain; improved sleep; increased energy; lower stress; a promotion of calmness by lessening stress hormones; a normalization of biological rhythms; improved blood pressure and blood flow; relieved muscle tension and headache; reduced menstrual and female hormone symptoms; a shortened recovery time from injury or athletic activity; and a protection of the body against potentially health-disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields .

What is earthing? Earthing is connecting to the Earth’s natural, negative surface charge. This is achieved by walking barefoot outside or having bare skin contact with conductive systems indoors while you sleep, relax, or work.

This simple idea has a great impact on our physiology. It restores a lost electrical signal to the body that stabilizes the complexity of our electrical body. This provides us with better blood flow, less pain and inflammation, giving us more energy and a deeper sleep.

What is the best way to get grounded? Walking outside barefoot in rock, dirt or water is the easiest and cheapest way. The beach and ocean is the best place, because sand and saltwater is conductive and saltwater is high in magnesium.

An alternative way is to use an earthing mat or earthing sheets. An earthing mat can be used as a floor mat to place your bare feet on as you work on your computer. Or it can be used as a desk mat to ground your hands while typing or using the mouse. This reduces the electromagnetic fields you are exposed to. The mat connects to the Earth with a ground cord via the Earth ground port of an electrical outlet, or you can use it with an optional ground rod.

The half-size earthing sheet can be placed at the foot or center of your bed, over your bottom fitted sheet and tucked under and around your mattress. The sheet connects to the Earth with a grounding cord. One end of the grounding cord snaps onto the sheet and the other connects into an electrical outlet or to the earthing grounding rod system. Placing your bare feet or legs on the sheet easily grounds you to the Earth during sleep.

What happens when a person gets grounded? When you ground yourself either outdoors or indoors, the free electrons are absorbed into the body, which restores its electrical zero potential so it doesn’t carry any excess electrical charges. The body returns to the only electrical balance that is natural.

Every time we go outside, we put on shoes with insulating rubber or plastic soles. This causes us to continuously walk around with unhealthy electrical charges in our bodies. The free electrons neutralize free radicals that are so damaging to our health.

Earthing is simple, effective and can be done in the comfort of your own home, office or car. It is important to make earthing a long-term addition to your daily routine, and to do it as much as possible to gain maximum benefits.

It may be as fundamental to your well-being as eating nutritious whole foods, drinking clean water, exercising, taking supplements and meditating. So get down to Earth by earthing!


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Julie Guirgis
Julie Guirgis is a freelance writer residing in Sydney, Australia. Her writing has appeared in The Aquarian Online, Back Home, Insights, Alive Now, Vibrant Life, Significant Living and more. She has a particular interest in natural health and spirituality.


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