Love Is…

Every day is a day for love, one in which the magic swirls around and captures your heart and wraps it with unconditional love. Love is everywhere. Open yourself to the many possibilities all around you. They do exist. You simply need to let them naturally unfold.

Take for instance yourself. Love exists in you. On the surface, we are what we see — hair, skin, our outer shell — and going deeper we find bones and muscles and organs, and going deeper still we find cells and tissues, and deeper and deeper we find the spirit that exists in all of us, for that is what keeps us going, and deeper still to the magic that created the spirit within us.

That magic God created us with is the energy that started our heart beating and our body functioning to grow. It doesn’t just stop there. We think, breath, eat, sleep, run, jump, walk, read, learn, communicate, see, sense, feel everything around us.

Now take all of that ability and let it flow within you. Let it grow and grow within you and allow it to wrap all around you. Not just around your very being, but share it. Let your love float in the air to reach out to speak from your soul to others. Know that the more love you feel, the more it grows within you. Feel the welling up of love within you. Let it bubble up and pop all around you, sending loving energy to your environment. See the world in a whole new way.

Let your love wrap others in loving kindness and compassion. See the spirit in others, not just the skin and bones. See deeper and know that everyone and everything has a spirit, including animals.

Not everyone you meet is meant to be your soul mate, but be kind to them nonetheless. Some are meant to be friends, family, acquaintances, and people passing through your life for you to learn from or for them to learn from you. Allow the process to continue, over and over. When challenges present themselves, let love guide your way in dealing with them. Instead of getting upset, stay on the path of truth and honesty and allow it to fill you with energy to raise your soul’s vibration to more love.

The more love you grow, the more love will enter your life and give you the greatest of happiness inside. Dance in the energy of love. Let it wrap you in eternal happiness that you can share with others. Just when you think you can’t love anymore than you already do, someone will come around the corner and show you that you can.

Welcome in love and let it dance around your heart.



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