Spider Magic and Creative Dreams


In our culture, we place our faith in the intellect, the left brain and the ego-mind and turn logic into a God. Ironically, we forget that a direct line to divine revelation rests in the power of intuition, the right brain and the soul/heart.

How could it be otherwise, for aren’t we humans also divine, connected with everything, with All That Is. That is where our real power, truth and love reside.

Metaphorically, we are like drops in the beautiful ocean of God, and God is in us.

We are all gifted with the capacity for intuition, and each of us differs in how that manifests. All of us can develop our intuition.

The more we give attention to what is in the present moment and open our hearts to the still, small voice within, the more we can grow in confidence and abilities.

I want to share one example from my life, of how I am realizing now my lifelong dream of writing my own book by listening to and following the wisdom of my soul-heart and intuition:

A spider showed up in my bathtub one morning — a very rare event indeed. I had just jumped out bed and entered the bathroom to begin the new day fresh, only to find myself greeted by this not-too-big, not too-small spider startling me in all its stark black glory. From my toilet perch, I watched as it struggled up the white slippery porcelain slope of the tub, neared the top, and tumbled right back down again to the bottom, helpless. It refused to give up. Like Sisyphus, the spider recreated this arduous and seemingly rewardless ritual numerous times. It wanted so much to free itself and those deftly delicate legs that could weave whole worlds into gossamer webs, much like a god. I thought, if only God now would intervene on its behalf.

I’m not proud of this, but I intervened instead, smacking it hard with one fell blow of my hand, to release it from its misery.

“They” say don’t kill the messenger. But I did. He-she spider was a messenger from the beyond, no less. Even as I slayed it, I felt the power of its urgent message: a reminder to me to cease dillydallying and start spinning my own rich tapestry of words and worlds. Thus began my early morning meditation, and then with pen to paper, my book.

This little spider saga transpired over 18 months ago, and I continue to write my book, and often I feel like the fingertips of God/dess are guiding my pen across the page effortlessly. So much fire from heaven. I am blessed.

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