A Pleiadian Message: The Birthing of your Golden Heart


Beloved ones, we greet you. We place a call out to each one of you to begin to witness the beautiful flow of light from the Sun’s rays as it breathes its brilliance onto your Earth plane. This light reflects the depth of your own brilliance within. As you choose to open up to receive the mirror of its reflections, you can begin a new process within yourself, like never before, a new path of illumination.

There is much for you to receive now as you align to the energetic mirror of light held through the Sun. Through your conscious choice action of working with the Sun’s light, a transfer energy of this mirror will activate and align you to your own pure source energy of your Being.

When we talk about your action of “being,” we refer to you opening a doorway to yourself, to your Higher Self. This doorway has been closed to you in this lifetime. Now you are, once again, retrieving the keys to your own doorway of light, taking back access to that which is rightfully yours to utilize. You have been in a separated state in order to have your full human experience, but it is the time for you to move into the next phase of the plan. Your new path is opening up before you.

This is the time for you to begin to return to your place of origin and realign back to your power. As you begin this aspect of your journey, you will be incorporating your Spiritual Being with your human experience. This, of course, has always been the plan.

There is a “calling” energy, like an echo that is active within the Sun’s rays. The frequency of this echo floods the heart and interacts directly through your heart cells, allowing a transfer of your own divine light to begin to birth through you. This light, your light, has the capacity to nourish you on a deep level. This access of your light begins to create an opening, a natural access point, creating a doorway to your place beyond the veils. Within this multi-dimensional place, you will be able to begin a stabilization process through your own pure light frequency of your Higher Self energy.

The direct experience
This has always been the time for this awakening to take place, opening the potential for you to have the direct experience of creation as you choose to reach forward and engage with the reflected rays of the Sun, activating your journey back to Self on a multi-dimensional level.

A new imprint of energy birthed on your planet in late May, carrying the energetic frequency of this time to support you in the process of this long-awaited reconnection. This sacred imprint has created an energetic framework of immense proportions to weave itself throughout the Earth plane. We liken it to a giant webbing of light. A form of the God Consciousness is enfolded within the webbing.

As you work within the webbing, your aspect of the God Consciousness is able to link in and awaken through you. This link naturally will align you to what we call a framework to support you at this destiny call.

This framework is designed to support you in being able to move beyond the third-dimensional separation so you can make your way back to the original blueprint frequency of light that you are.

The next phase
Your original blueprint frequency contains the full aspect of your Higher Self, your pure Source Divine element of love. Now is the time for you to begin the next phase of your experience here on the planet by aligning, and then integrating, levels of your divine frequency into the cells of your heart. As you take this step, the cells of your heart can open fully into their multi-dimensional purpose, into their fully self-realized state.

Know that because your heart cells carry a multi-dimensional frequency, they are able to play a pivotal role in being able to fully align to your home space, where your pure Source Higher Self exists. Your heart can then transform on a multi-dimensional level, becoming a natural transmitter, and you form a central place within which all aspects of yourself can arise. You become your own creative life force within the Universe as you can take your place within the Collective Consciousness.

Your Golden Heart
This is the task, for a gradual and steady building of your own centerpiece within your heart, within your body, the birthing of your own Golden Heart.

This framework has been designed to support your full integration of your own Higher Realm aspect within your physical cells, forming what is called your Golden Heart. Remember, this framework has its own element of consciousness that carries the Godhead energy. Know that within the sacred makeup of your Golden Heart you hold a unique aspect of this Godhead energy.

There is only “the One.” We, you, all within the Universe, are “the One.” Through this Truth of “the One,” we all exist, perfectly aligned and synchronized within the light.

You are who you have been waiting for.

Homecoming journey
This sacred process is being revealed now because it is the time for many of you to begin this homecoming journey on a conscious level. Now is your time through conscious choice to reach through the Sun’s rays and activate the process of meeting your own pure source of brilliance and to begin the next step journey of birthing your Golden Heart.

You have come to be here on the Earth plane to have your experience of completion while still in the physical body. The birthing of this frequency imprint heralds at this time your next phase of completion within your self.

The prophecy has spoken of this sacred timing. The sacred texts have been written and the energy of this written word within the texts is to be activated now to fulfill a role of holding an anchor for those of you who are ready to commit to your selves in this moment.

Remember, the moment is multi-dimensional. This means there is continual unfoldment taking place within each moment. There is no end, just a beginning that continues indefinitely… just as you do!

Moment by moment
Time is the great illusion here on the Earth plane. This transformational dimensional space is being held open by the framework and by an aspect of your Higher Self. You have contracted to play out your role fully here on the Earth plane, for your own experience and to forge a path for others to follow. It is important that you take one step at a time, one moment at a time, within this next phase of your journey. Allow the unfolding and anchoring of your pathway home.

Another beautiful and holy aspect of this sacred imprint and framework energy is a greater connection to Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. Opportunities now exist for more intimate and direct experiences in forming a relationship to the energy of Christ and Mother Mary. Both of these Beings of Light will be holding a higher profile on the Earth plane than ever before. This will enable each one of you to receive support in your resurrection process, to develop a deeper acceptance of yourself within the relationship to your human element.

As you begin this next phase, you will find a deepening of a sacred synergy birthing through the consciousness of the framework and yourself. The Godhead aspect of this consciousness brings you into a sacred reunion to “the One,” that which you are naturally a part. Through this synergy, a powerful inner development will take place within you as you rejoin the Collective God consciousness that exists within the Universe. You are naturally a part of many multi-dimensional movements within the collective energies. It is the time to let go and allow many sacred revelations to move and align through you. Let go and become.

Self-love in action
This process we speak of is designed to take you into deep inner reconnections with the sacred aspect of Self, supporting you in completing your journey with a changing dynamic in your relationship with your human aspect — the transformation of your relationship to your human element, moving into a state of self-acceptance of all that you are, all that you have done. Celebrating your imperfections and idiosyncrasies. Moving into acceptance of self. This is self-love in action.

We have spoken of the importance of this many times to you because ending the internal separation within you is the final piece of the puzzle that leads you to a state of enlightenment.

The next phase
A deep process is required for you to begin to activate this next phase of your journey. Each one of you will have your own unique design within this process. Below is a step-by-step process to begin. At some moment, you will have to let go and just allow the sacred unfolding within you.

You are looking at several months of dedicating moments to your self, to your heart. The cells of your heart will go through a metamorphosis as you begin to align through the framework imprint.

Our role is to hold the framework steady and then transmit the imprints, as you are ready to receive and absorb the different levels. Each one of you holds a different time frame of aligning to the levels activated through the Framework Imprint energy.

Remember: You will always use the Sun’s reflective rays of light as a catalyst for each building process within your heart cells.

A. Hold your heart with both palms of your hands and connect (this is your full chest area).
Bring your awareness into the heart, and breathe into your heart, like placing a soft wind into your heart.

B. Watch the sun rise or open to the light of the sun by sitting in direct sunlight. As you receive the warmth of the sun into heart, breathe into the cells of your heart. Open to the brilliance of the sunlight. Claim the brilliance within the sunlight (at this moment the cells of your heart will respond to the energetic mirror held within the sunlight).

C. Open to the echo, the call held within the Sun’s rays. You do this by using this sound, ANFAE. This sound begins to bring the call/echo into your heart cells. Use the sound as many times as you feel necessary in the moment.


A. Now you are going to begin an alignment process within the framework, linking into the God Consciousness state of “the One.” You are already aligned to your heart cells through the call sound/echo from the Sun’s rays.

B. Now open your awareness into where you find yourself and use the sound, EE STAH NAE. This begins to align you to the framework. Breathe, and let go. This is your call sound. Follow the echo of your own call sound. Use the sound as many times as you need, each time following the energetic echo created by your sound. The framework begins to align through your heart cells expanding them out dimensionally. Keep letting go through the space.


A. Bring your hands to the Prayer position, palms together at the heart. Bring your awareness to your hands, and just breathe. Place your breath like a soft wind into the space that is opening up, and let go. Keep letting go and breathing until the space is fully open (This means it is open and not opening further).

B. Now bring the sound, EEE…, right into the opening where you find yourself. Keep using the sound, EEE… birthing the core. The core may fill with light; it may be large or very small, trust your process. Just be with your experience until it feels complete for now.

Note: Use the above process fully, continuing to align and develop the metamorphosis of your heart cells. Your central core within your heart will build each time you do the entire process. Your alignment to your framework will unfold.

We are with you as you birth! Blessings, The Pleiadians

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  1. Do you have a you tube recording of the various sounds that we need to use? If so, will you please send me the link? Thank you! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this! I had a image of a golden heart opening inside of me during meditation and since a better understanding of my expanded self. It is lovely to find this article and know it is happening to others as well.

  3. Hi Christine, thanks for this Channeling. I had a strong vision about a golden crystal placed into my heart / chest. I saw / felt a strong light radiating through this crystal. I felt, it was a huge, divine hand that placed it into my heart. It was incredibly overwhelming. So much light, so much love and grace! I felt deeply blessed.
    I can still feel it and I am seeing a pulsing light streaming through my body, coming from this phenomena. I was searching for an explanation, your text gives me finally en explanation!


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