The Elixir of Life


Creativity is an unsteady dance with intuition that devours what is already created and replaces it with the new. While life plays on, it pushes us to be and enter strange and new domains; it lets us fall and face the darkness of ourselves when we force it to stop, and intrudes on our strength like a butterfly attempting to swim.

This replacement is a melodious colorful transformation that consumes our whole patent senses. It is a desperate force that does not stop until the project or “end product” appears in the physical reality as naked and blissful in its raw texture.

“When I grow up I want to be a writer!” This was the statement I repeated since I was taught how to write. I don’t remember receiving any encouragement from my elders. I doubted myself while growing up and became unhappy because I was not using my own creativity. Creativity was a foreign term to me because I was too afraid to discover where and how to reach it.

Life is not worth the days we spend disconnected from ourselves until we awaken a little or receive a nudge by this “higher self” that is purely intuition. And I asked her what it meant to live a fulfilled life; she whispered, “Write from the messages above.”

I realized that every writer has a style, and mine was through channelling. This was done by emptying the mind through meditation and receiving a single word or verse. Once this happened, the words just appeared and linked together like the ocean is to the horizon. Perhaps this was an initiation that allowed creativity to process itself or forcing intuition to be the “voice” of creativity. It didn’t matter, as I felt this wholeness mixed with happiness and tears. These words were my medicine cabinet, and each tincture heightened my elixir for life.

The voice of my creativity empowers and motivates others in understanding who and what they are authentically as a self or a human being, evolving out of their own level of consciousness. But at the same time, I was learning, too. By knocking onto the door of intuition, it allowed me to exchange between what I was communicating and with whom I was becoming as a person. It was like a psychology of transforming the self. Like bread is to water, it moulded my survival as a fulfilled individual.

Creativity is not merely labelling myself with titles like “artist” or “genius,” but turning pure as entirely “Intuitive” and in line with the flow of energetic forces. This is required so that the message being delivered is clear and healing like the falling spring rain.

I knew that once I allowed my intuition to become clearer through meditation, I had crystallized my belief to write creatively. The doubts of my childhood had fallen apart and dissipated out of my sight and mind. I had moved beyond confidence, too, and across re-assurance that my voices were my words, and vice versa. My journey began with self-reflection; trying to pass through self-thresholds that can allow anyone to realize that they are capable of achieving anything they want to accomplish.

It all starts with a step into your self-faith and discovering what it is that lets your heart dance as it speaks. When this happens, know that you are connecting with that great intuition that stills our lives.


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