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Food is a topic that is popular fodder for newspaper or magazine articles, and there always is a common message: You are picking out the wrong food! We have so much anxiety about this issue due to a growing number of books written on the topic. We’re too quick to hand over our authority to anyone who is not us. Is this the right approach?

I am here to tell you of a no-fail, holistic way to eat, each and every day.

Many months ago, I tried to go on a diet that was basically tree bark and cow piss — I don’t know what I was eating, but I was miserable. Nothing tasted good but it was supposed to be so good for my body — so I kept on eating like this. Then one day, I could not bring myself to do it one day longer. As a reward, I gave myself one day to eat whatever I wanted, and then I would go back to my diet.

Well, that one day has expanded into about nine months of blissfully eating whatever I choose. The only requirement is that I must completely enjoy the food. To date, I have lost 28 pounds and have not even noticed the difference, except I have to keep taking clothes to Goodwill and my belt loop keeps getting bigger.

Here’s how this “diet” works: I ask my body what it wants. You think it is going to tell you donuts and beer all of the time — the ultimate food they used to train the bears in “Gentle Ben” — but your body is not selfish. Your mind is shameless but your body is truthful, and once you develop the proper connection, your body will continue to tell you what it needs.

Last week, I had a haircut scheduled and wanted to pick up some Epsom salt for my bath — something my body now also requires. Essential oils and Epsom salt baths a couple times a week is mandatory. While I was in the store, I happened upon a bottle of Kombucha and a yogurt. Exactly what I needed. I went and sat on a park bench and it took me about 30 minutes to slowly spoon the yogurt into my mouth while I watched the people and world around me. It was completely satisfying.

The Kombucha was a mix with chia seeds and it brought back memories of a Yoga retreat I worked at in the Sequoia National Park in California. I sat mesmerized at how food could do this to me — make me so happy as well as so nostalgic. When we slow down, connect and enjoy, we realize the true power of our food.

Now — on to my next meal. I have a wonderful Cherry Almond Oatmeal in the cupboard. Yum! It reminds me of my childhood when my mother would make me porridge and I would sit on the front porch amongst the irises in her garden.

How interesting! My irises are in bloom, also. Memories.

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Lisa Sellman
Lisa Sellman is an Animal Communicator, Dog Trainer, Animal Totem Reader, and Pet Care Professional. Her website is GoodDogMN.com and phone is 952.466.3364. She loves helping people with their dogs and spends her free time with her own wonderful pup, Ally Mae.


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