A Pleiadian Message: Nature supports Your Transformation


Beloved ones we greet you. At the end of June an energetic redesign was created on your planet, and through this anchoring a powerful frequency of love was forged. This pure frequency has been created with the potential to expand the framework of light that has been entering the earth plane through the Sun’s rays. This energetic redesign has been orchestrated through an unlimited timeline that has opened up to effectively support those of you ready to move to another level of awakening.

A pure frequency of love is held and stabilized within the Covenant that has just opened up and anchored on your Earth plane. The Covenant has been predestined to be here to enable you to realign to sacred components of Self now. The frequency of love that is held within the Covenant contains an aspect of the Sacred within you, and it is a part of the One consciousness of which you are a part. This forceful and transformative happening has been preordained for you to receive an anointing through this essence of love, creating the possibility for and accelerated reunion of Self within your heart space.

Another part of the transformative element of the Covenant is what we call the action of “the lifting of veils.” This lifting creates a series of dimensional openings that we liken to “a curtain lifting on a stage,” revealing Truth. At a certain moment, these dimensional openings will move you naturally beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion, revealing to you an understanding and Truth that exists on a higher consciousness level.

Through these revelations, you will naturally open into the Higher Realm initiations of Self. This expanded frequency of consciousness is designed to bring you into a sacred reunion with the energy of Christ and Mother Mary. They will both play an essential role within your awakening by bringing the purest teachings of love to you. They hold up for you a mirror of compassion. They have come in this higher profile through a new format of connection, bringing support to each one of you in your ongoing self-resurrection process.

Expanded openings
Within this frequency change of the energetic setting of the planet, a birthing of your electrical systems within your physical body will take place. From these expanded openings within you, you will have the capability of housing your own sacred unlimited light form within your body. This will set off an intense metamorphic process that will begin to activate and transform your physical cells and energetic field. This shifting process will create an enormous change within your perceptions of yourself and the role that you are to play in the world and within the Universe.

This transformational process will release many of the discrepancies of the 3rd dimensional illusion that you have been holding within your body. As you move through this metamorphosis, many physical changes will take place within your body. Many of these changes will be expressed within your physical and energetic body and they will be seen and misinterpreted as illness or disease. Adjustments will be required by you, as you experience unfamiliar symptoms within your systems. The activation of this metamorphic process will create a rapid, shifting process within as you go through an intense birthing cycle of opening a new electrical system through your physical body.

Within this metamorphic process there will be many indefinable “first time” experiences opening up to you. There will be emotions and feelings that you will not being able to be describe or reference to any previous experience. These dynamics arise from an expanded multi-dimensional timeline that anchors through your newly birthed electrical system. These changes will be taking place on many multi-dimensional energetic levels within you at the same time. There will be multiple shifts taking place in your physical and energetic body as you go through this intense adjustment period.

This natural process
There is a deep need for you to begin to understand that this change in the dynamic within your life will play an important role in your transformation, enabling you to move beyond limitation on this planet. These processes are to be expected now and they are designed for you to “let go” and move naturally beyond the veils. You need to be prepared to experience even deeper states of confusion and “not knowing” than you have previously.

The launching of this new form of Self can be likened to a death — a rebirth process where nothing will seem familiar. This process needs to be understood by you so that you can allow the monumental step of “letting go” within you. Now is the time to move into your river of light and allow this natural process, this birthing, to take place. Letting go is essential, and then you need to allow the current of your river to take you effortlessly to where you need to be placed in this moment of time. There is no handbook on this part of your journey, however, there are many hands being held out to you, to support, to steady and to guide you forward.

This is an aspect of the Covenant’s role, to hold a steady platform for you to naturally align to your “river of light.” Remember, you are but a drop of water in a huge ocean of light, and your river leads you into that ocean of light, the Collective God Consciousness of which you are naturally a part. It is time for your separation to end. This is the time for you to rejoin the collective energy of the One. We are holding each one of you as you take this timely step back to Home!

During this transitional event you can expect the unusual, the unexpected, as you move through this rapid metamorphosis. We need you to take in this information of impending change. Do know that you have set this whole sacred process in motion, and this is the perfect time for this next phase of your birth.

Expect change
The very best way for you to work, to align to these changes, is to first expect them and then to open to them. Secondly, be willing to utilize what you have been given in the form of support. Allow yourself to fully integrate and flow with this very new and different dynamic of transformation that is coming.

The energy of nature is now holding sacred frequencies designed to support you in this transitional phase of your awakening. The inner power and consciousness that is held within the various aspects of the natural forces can support you in your integration.

This can be found within the Sun’s rays of brilliance. You open to the rays of the Sun by bringing them consciously into your body through your awareness and the Conscious breath. Open to the wind’s flow, feel the wind on your body, on your face, close your eyes and open your awareness into the feeling of the wind on your body and let go into the wind. Bathe in the water’s fluidity, open into the sound of the water and let go. Bring your awareness into the sound of the running water, the waves and the raindrops. You need to breathe, let go.

Lie on the Earth with your palms downward, connecting to the energy of the Earth. Bring your awareness to the connection to the Earth through the palms of your hands, then use your conscious breath and let go. Take in the pure essence from the Earth Mother and feel the natural force of the Earth’s energy begin to flow into your cells.

All of these four natural elements are designed to support your rapid transformation through your powerful integration process.

Know that the mountains, the trees, the flowers and birds and animals all play an extended sacred role for you at this juncture of your unfolding.

Your sacred imprint
The Covenant holds your sacred Imprint, acting as a chalice to hold the Imprint framework of your sacred Form. As you choose to birth the next phase, you begin to draw from your individual Imprint and anchor it through your systems. There is nothing more potent and revitalizing for you at this time as you utilize and align to the Covenant energies that are here for you in your awakening process.

As you become your sacred Form, you are able to carry this frequency of light consciousness that is electrical in nature. As you draw from your Imprint, a total electrical transformation will open through you as you begin to activate and utilize your new electrical system. This process will enable you to hold the full electrical light frequency of your sacred Higher Self nature within your physical body.

We, the Pleiadians, hold the container of the Covenant in place for all mankind. You choose when you begin to source through your Imprint framework within the Covenant and access your own Higher Self Imprint.

Your time is now to step forward and begin your own sacred activations — you birthing you. This has always been an aspect of your pre-agreed destiny this lifetime, and only you can choose the moment of realignment.

We are bringing a process for you to begin to access and activate your Imprint energy that is being held by the Covenant. This is a simple process that begins a new cycle for you as you consciously choose to begin this next level of your path. Know that many of you are already on aspects of this path, are already experiencing some of the strong symptoms of change. These activations will support you in accelerating your process, and support you in being able to navigate more easily through this time.

In this moment, there is an essential need to understand the importance of your process of “letting go” into your river of light. Each one of you has your own unique river of light that holds a frequency that is unlike any other in the Universe. Through your frequency, you are known and received within the Collective One. The Covenant carries the sacred connection to your river of light. As you access your unique Imprint, you open into your “river of light” and it becomes the bridge.

Alignment process
This is the process to align to the Covenant:

1. Bring the palms of your hands to your heart space. Remember your heart space is contained within the whole chest area. You will connect here by using the Conscious breath, and placing that breath, like a soft wind, into your heart.

2. Bring your sound, EE…, directly into the heart cells, feel an opening up through your heart. Use this sound until the opening feels complete for now.

3. Breathe into the opening and let go, claim your heart space. Use the Conscious breath again, placing the breath into the core of your heart.

4. Bring your sound, EE…, placing it directly where the opening exists, just let go and Be in that space. Use this sound as many times as you need.

5. Now, you are going to begin to align to the Covenant energy. You need to stay in your heart space, and begin to align to the Covenant by using this sound: AE STAE NAH. Take a conscious breathe and let go. Open your awareness into the space, breathe and let go. Now repeat this process slowly, being aware of a growing presence around you of the Covenant. Maybe you will see, sense or feel this Presence as a building light consciousness moving around you. Repeat this as many times as you feel is right for you, it is essential to continue letting go as you work within the process. Do not rush this process!

When you are ready, you are going to begin to align to your Imprint that is being held within the Covenant:

6. Bring your awareness back to where you are holding your heart space. Take a breath right into your heart space.

7. Now bring in the sound: DAN STAH. Feel a quickening begin within your heart and a connection from the Covenant to your heart open up. Keep using the sound as you begin to source your Imprint energy from the Covenant into your heart.

8. As you build this connection you begin to naturally align to the current of your “river of light.”

Enjoy the collective moments of your journey, being in the moment! Blessings, The Pleiadians

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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