A Pleiadian Message: Connecting to your Higher Self


Beloved ones, we greet you. Through the anchoring of the Covenant on the planet last month there has been a further unfolding of a series of energetic shifts. Sacred openings have revealed further unlimited opportunities for you to journey on a new pathway. A doorway is being held wide open so you can effortlessly enter and be led onto this road.

This heralds in a Timeline space in which you can navigate into new realms of potential. This Timeline is designed to enable you to align, stabilize and be brought into a deeper perception of what we call “the moment.” The direct experience will bring you into a fuller comprehensive understanding of what is available to you on another level.

The energy of “the moment” gives you access to the multidimensional expression of your Higher Self. These aspects of you that exist within “the moment” bring you to another state of experiencing your self without the interference of the 3rd dimensional element of the ego mind.

Multidimensional aspect
Through these revolutionary pure energies that are being transmitted by the Covenant, a full stabilization of “the moment” is made possible to enable you to navigate and experience the multidimensional aspects of Self. Many of you are ready to begin a more complete connection with your Higher Self through the powerful energy of “the moment.” This pathway has been created for your own self-empowerment, so that you can begin a profound, more stable connection with your Higher Self.

You are being called right now by your own Higher Self to begin this sacred reconnection. In the past, many veils have been in place preventing you from developing this stable connection. An opening created by the Covenant energy makes it possible for you to be repositioned with this higher consciousness of Self that exists. Through the Covenant, you are being presented with a passport that moves you beyond the separated state. In the past you have been held back through illusion, which has prevented you from having a full experience of Truth. As you enter “the moment,” you will become aware of a limitless Timeline that exists.

Understand that you are naturally connected to “the moment.” This is an innate part of your higher state. So as you move into the experience of “the moment,” you realign to that which already exists as part of your sacred nature within. Through this opening, an unlimited potential of being is revealed for you to receive, acknowledge and align.

A deeper aspect
By bringing your awareness into the experience that is presenting in “the moment” and then placing your conscious breath directly into the happening, you are able to enter a deeper aspect of “the moment” being held on a multidimensional level. This whole process can be likened to opening up a gift. Your awareness and breath is like unwrapping the gift. As the wrapping comes away, you discover a sacred revelation within “the moment” of the experience!

As you consciously choose to open into “the moment” in this way, you fully receive what is waiting for you within the experience. There are always gifts to receive in “the moment” that are unfathomable from the ego mind’s perception. However, these gifts are jewels waiting for you to reach in and reclaim. This is why we refer to the multidimensional moment. As you open to receive these powerful energetic forms within “the moment,” you transform because you are aligning — receiving new levels of your own Higher Self.

The Covenant’s energy allows for the acceleration of your own birthing process. The process itself requires you to slow down and to consciously begin to take full ownership of your self in ‘”the moment.” Know that you can open into one level of “the moment” and then another level, continuing to unfold, working within many different levels of your own Higher Self multidimensional potential.

Consider how many “moments”exist within your day. We are asking for you to select just one moment in time to utilize this unwrapping, being with “the moment” process, simultaneously anchoring this multidimensionality of Self through your life.

Each time you choose to unfold into your experience in this way, you will create self-transformation. Know that as you unfold into “the moment,” you open into an unlimited Timeline space of potential. There is no end to the possibilities that you can unfold within. In Truth, you are going through a powerful metamorphosis. The evolution of your Higher Self is taking place within the sacred form that is birthing from “the moment.”

For many of you, this action of coming into “the moment” is to be now. You get to initiate playing out this essential aspect of your unfolding destiny. This is part of your mission, part of your self-realization process that leads into your enlightenment.

Energetic hologram
We, the Pleiadians, are here to stabilize the Covenant and to anchor an energetic Hologram on the planet. This Hologram contains the full frequency energy of the awakening of humanity for this time. This acts as a mirror, reflecting out to you your own brilliance that is contained and found within “the moment.” So you have the full potential of your Higher Self being mirrored to you. The Sun is also carrying aspects of this mirroring and is aligning through the Hologram and into the Covenant.

Mother Mary plays a powerful role in this unfolding process. She holds the sacred heart energy and transmits this through the Hologram, sending it outwards to each one of you who call her forward. She carries the Holy Mother energy, presenting the full creation frequency out to all who wish to receive from her. Do know that her love is interconnected through all hearts, and as you move consciously into “the moment” your own heart’s desire within you is made manifest. The Covenant makes it possible for your sacred heart to be fully aligned through the physical cells of your own heart. This is your time for the sacred of Self to be anchored through your heart. This forging through your heart is an essential aspect of the plan for your self-resurrection to unfold.

The Christ energy also is manifested as part of this sacred synergy, and the resurrection energy is being held out to each one of you now. You can utilize and draw from the resurrection form by truly letting go, and allowing your own unique sacred resurrection process. The Christ has spoken of the essential need of the self-loving element to evolve within us, which encompasses the need for self-acceptance of the life we have lived. The frequency of letting go and acceptance exists within the resurrection form and is strongly mirrored within the Hologram that we, the Pleiadians are anchoring for you now.

A next phase
As a human race, you are moving into a next phase of your potential on the Earth. Your original reason for being here is changing for many of you. This is a next step that many of you are ready to take to forge a new road. Humanity is requiring you to hold a different alignment frequency within you, so higher vibrations of love can exist on the planet. These higher vibrations of love will enhance the potential for other human beings by creating a current that will begin to draw others to their own pathway of Self.

Today is your time to thrive, to let go and turn back towards your self. Choosing to hold your self and move into “the moment” in a state of receivership. The sacred synergy of this, your unfolding, is here at last. The energetic form of the Covenant has come to ensure that you accomplish the goal of your unfolding. The timing is perfect for each one of you. There is a huge celebration in acknowledgement of where you have brought yourself so far. Now you take another step forward, moving consciously into a “next phase” on planet Earth. You open into another stage of the “new dawning'”on your planet.

You begin with one step forward into “the moment.” As you do this, you claim another aspect of rejoining your spiritual heritage.

In the past you never truly opened into any one moment. You were thinking of yesterday, tomorrow or worrying about something inconsequential. You have missed what was right in front of you. This was a natural outcome during your human experience of being in separation!

Everything has changed, this is your time to step through the doorway into “the moment” and just Be. We present to you a simple process of entering and being in “the moment.”

Process: Being in “the Moment”

STEP 1: Claim “the moment” as yours. This means open your awareness into your experience. For example, open to the warmth of the sun, wind on your face, your physical connection to the chair you are sitting on or simply bring your hand to your physical heart.

If you are holding a flower, bring your awareness into the flower and take a conscious breath. Placing your breath into the flower will bring your awareness deeper into the experience. Take another breath into where you find your self, and let go. Bring your awareness deeper again, just let go.

Take any one of these examples to draw you, to align you deeper into “the moment.” You get to claim your “moment,” your self in “the moment.” Just allow the experience to unfold.

STEP 2: You can then use a sacred sound that will expand your multidimensional experience wherever you find your self. Bring your awareness into the space, then take a breath and let go. Place the sound where you find your self, and let go further. The sound is ASTAH EE — just use the sound once.

STEP 3: When you feel complete in “the moment,” bring your awareness to your heart space, place your hands on your chest, breathe and let go.

As you go through a series of multidimensional moments that you create with this process, your time on Earth will unfold. Through your experiences, you claim “the moment” and remember, you have said yes to this sacred process.

Know that deeply within you is the understanding that this whole metamorphosis of unfolding is a self-resurrection process. You are to self-resurrect on this planet, and witness the emergence of your self-empowerment. This birth will create a current that flows through the Earth creating a new Form. This Form will umbrella out, unfolding into a sacred womb that supports the birthing of a new consciousness for all mankind.

In a certain moment, the Earth will line up with all the sacred points within the Universe. At that juncture, there will be a mass awakening, a remembering. This is a pre-ordained happening that each one of you will play an essential role through the activation of your own process of being in”the moment” of your experience. This is the step of coming home.

You do not navigate your way alone. This has never been the plan. However, the true power is in your hands, you get to choose to step forward and claim what is rightfully yours in “the moment.” We witness you in your unfolding. Blessings, The Pleiadians

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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