A Shared Path is a Blessed Journey


Every year, around November, I contemplate potential themes — featured topics — for each of the coming months to inspire readers to share their own stories and inspiration with us. Some topics help us understand better how to do something, such as shop more holistically in the food market. Other topics are more abstract, like next month’s featured topic — Authenticity: sharing your experiences and tips on how we can all be our Real Selves all of the time, and how to best respond with those who are un-Real.

This month, I offered the topic of how to “green” our bodies. On the surface, it seemed like a wonderful way to inspire all of us to care for our bodies from a more holistic sensibility. More than just putting healthy, organic foods in our bodies, we can now choose from an entirely new marketplace of products designed to support our whole bodies, from hair to toes, without using man-made chemicals that ultimately may do more harm than good.

Some months, our readers respond with vigor to our featured topics, sending me dozens of articles, more than I can print in this magazine but offer to all of our readers globally on our website. This month, I received only three articles on the topic. Was I disappointed? Did it say something about the topic I proposed? No.

What happened instead was that I received a number of articles that addressed where we are now, as a people. We all sense that this is one of those moments when important things are happening. We all sense that we are all being awakened a little more every day as the veil is opened and more of who we are is being revealed.

So when only three articles are written on the official topic, and others are writing on something more pressing to their souls, I pay attention. I hope you do, too.

This month, a bright light from Northern California, Mikaya Heart, shares a piece called “Manifesting: The Missing Pieces,” which at the heart of it all is an article about how we can create our lives from the soul. Another frequent contributor to The Edge from Pennsylvania, Dr. Stewart Bitkoff, an avid student of Sufi mysticism, shares a piece called “The Sufi Call: Making a Better World.” He, too, is providing direction for us at a time when problems seem to multiply and solutions are in short supply.

I hesitate to say we are at a crossroads, because in the bigger picture, every moment is a choice, and every choice is a course correction. We are an imperfect piece of marble that slowly, but carefully, is being carved with precision. Every so often a big fragment may fall away and we all feel it deeply. This past month was such an event. But it was still a small part of the process.

The challenge for all of us, particularly those in the spiritual community who desire to manifest a perfect peace on Earth now, is to acknowledge that we are all in this together: those who are enlightened and those who are just beginning the journey. We cannot run ahead to grasp the prize and leave everyone else behind. We cannot look back while others are stumbling on the path and not respond. We cannot put ourselves above anyone else.

Our task now is to humbly walk in service on this Earth and inspire connection between those who are not talking, and shine our light where there is darkness so those who are lost can find the way forward. This is a time for those who see the path to stop and turn around and support those who are struggling just to catch a breath.

Is it possible for all of us to make the journey together? Perhaps that should be the goal.

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Tim Miejan
Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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