Doing Something to Brighten up your Soul


Giving something to others when they cannot offer you anything in return gives the best feeling to your soul. This is not just a statement. Doing something for others does magic for you. I have seen certain people who are willing to walk extra miles for another person without having the desire to get something valuable in return. Doing something for another person gives an immeasurable satisfaction that vibrates in the soul. How deep the impact is!

I never forget when I was able to help a person without any material exchange. I can recall one incident down the lane from my journey of life. I cannot forget the satisfaction that my soul felt when I used to spend one day a week teaching as a volunteer for a special school without any incentive. I always felt motivated, and I craved for that one day of the week. How fulfilling it was to see the sparkling eyes of those special children who could not even speak properly by themselves.

The experience took me into a heavy thought process, pondering what else I can do for such beautiful children with special needs. After finishing up every session with those kids, the best moment was when they asked me, “Will you come again, teacher?” I knew upon getting back home that I would always remember those experiences, and I felt my inner self smiling and praising me that I had done something good.

We all are travelers of this finite life, and our soul has to search its alignment with the world so that it feels an infinite attachment with other souls in the world. The best feelings of our lives are not only those moments when we did something for our own selves, but also those interactions that are random and spontaneous. We so often experience non-verbal and mere glance interactions throughout our daily lives. These interactions, which sometimes last only a few seconds, give you the opportunity with a glimpse of your smile to brighten up someone’s sad face during a chance encounter.

I am not suggesting to start flashing a fake smile whenever possible. Start by looking for someone who appears to be gloomy, and on the way your soul will automatically tilt you towards giving a natural smile to that person. It is the most enriching experience that is full of contentment. Connecting with other souls with a non-verbal expression provides a positive spark in your soul.

Don’t just trap yourself in your own nutshell. Choose to do a little something for others, because every transaction in life is not a material business.

During my childhood I used to watch my late grandmother make food for the family. Her daily process was to set some bits of grains aside, and she would put the grains near the place where sparrows made a nest in the house. My grandmother was happy to see the sparrow eating the grains, and the sparrow was not afraid of her. As kids, we would try to come to the sparrow, but when she saw us she would fly away. My grandmother was so satisfied when the sparrow developed an association with her. The most surprising thing for me was that the sparrow was comfortable enough to eat only in front of my grandmother. Now I realize that it was the connection among souls that made a tiny creature like a sparrow feel secure with a human presence.

Doing anything for any creature sparks a connection, and it is cherishing for the soul.

In our daily lives, let’s learn to do good for others. Life is not just about doing something when we get something in return. The best moments of life are encapsulated in the intangible exchanges that are satisfying for the soul.

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Bushra Zia
Bushra Zia is a writer and poetess who has a blog at She has a passion of writing and has worked as a freelance writer for a couple of years. All of her writings are an inspiration from her surroundings and they are a dedication to every human, because each human being is important.


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