Remember, It’s the Greening of your Body


AloHA! (This is translated as “breath of life!” in Hawaiian — Alo = life and Ha = breath.) Beginning with that greeting for an article on greening of your body feels especially apropos. Take in your breath, first and foremost, in a manner that honors the LIFE you desire to take into your body and then manifest from your own core into the world.

Then, as far as how to choose supportive, green products for your body while shopping: Honor yourself. What’s supportive and green for the mainstream health-conscious shopper may not well be the most potent selection for you. My five best suggestions:

  • Allow your intuition to inform your choices. Learn your own intuitive language first. Are you visual? Are you tactile? Those are the two most easily implemented while shopping. LOOK at what you’re choosing. Feel how you feel when you hold the product in your hand. If you don’t perceive anything different externally while shopping, then why invest in high-cost grocery items or pricey supplements? Develop the sensitivity that will make your investment worthwhile.
  • Know your body. Fad diets, even the ones labeled “healthy,” of course, do not apply to everyone. How could they? You have your own unique genealogy, medical history, current life priorities, energy flow and personal tastes, as well as life goals. Why follow someone else’s plan when who you are on every level is different than whomever developed the fad you’re following? Instead, develop your eating plan in a way that includes the nutrients you need, combined with the flavors you enjoy. Why wouldn’t you? Consult a knowledgeable, trusted professional when you desire additional input, beyond your own senses, to accurately inform a matter as foundational as your nutritional needs.
  • Choose carefully. What you buy is what you have on hand when you’re hungry, so that’s what you’ll eat. It’s not rocket science…and you’re not a rocket, either, so it doesn’t need to be. If you desire to stop eating junk food, then stop purchasing it and stop accepting it from others. Adjusting your nutritional intake might make more sense, meaning just create a balance of traditionally labeled “junk” and items that you know are more healthful for you. That way, you may skip the emotionally punishing feeling of deprivation, yet continue to take in a new, powerful level of even more healthful items. Make gradual shifts rather than sudden ones, to be concise.
  • If you enjoy reading nutritional studies, then pay attention to how the study was constructed and carried out. A favorite quote from a college professor regarding scientific studies and how easily they’re misused: “My goodness, you can’t even generalize from one species of rat to another, so of course you can’t generalize from rats to humans!”
  • Finally, enjoy your food preparation! Add a musical score and some choreography to it. Like Water for Chocolate, nuff said? No? Well, if you haven’t seen that movie, find it and take it in. Stunning visuals, an engaging story and an underlying philosophy bring home the message that how your food is prepared carries energetically into your body, your day, and influences your life.

In Mystery School, we called it Magical Cooking and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching it. Currently, I include it in my work with my private clients, who are creating cutting-edge healing systems. Choose what you desire to convey with your food rather than just inhaling it into your body. Add that focus while preparing and presenting it, even if you’re pouring M&M’s into a bowl. It matters. You matter. Honor yourself even more deeply, no matter where you’re starting.

Thank you for your interest and for your presence on the planet during this significant time. Miracles and blessings!


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