Manifestation: The Missing Pieces


Much of what is written about the concept of manifestation makes people roll their eyes. Whatever your attitude, looking at the missing pieces in this process helps us to understand the true nature of reality, and then we can more easily choose a life that is pleasing and worthwhile.

The first of these missing pieces is summed up in the question, “Who is doing the manifesting?” Something manifested you before you were born, and made choices that dictated the kind of life you have led, right? We can call this original source of creation by many names, such as higher self, soul, source, god, or all-that-I-am.

What did all-that-I-am intend when it chose the character, the body and the environment into which you were born? And who does the choosing now that this human self thinks it is adult enough to make its own choices? The answers to those questions require us to adopt a very broad perspective on life in human form.

All-that-we-are doesn’t know pain, fear, anger or frustration. It doesn’t know what it’s like to be limited. It’s fascinated by the possibilities inherent in a life in limited physical form. It wants to experience everything. Appreciating and accepting the wisdom of all-that-we-are doesn’t mean the human self can’t make its own choices, but it requires learning how to experience everything fully, because that satisfies all-that-we-are, and it will then allow the human self to move on to other things that will hopefully be more in alignment with what we humans consider pleasant.

We cannot avoid the destinies that all-that-we-are wants for us, no matter how much we might wish to do so. The skill of being fully present for an unpleasant experience is an essential aspect of the art of being human, enabling us to get it over with quickly.

The beauty of acknowledging the source of all creation is that we are immediately a lot closer to what we really want. Many people, when they first think about what they want, will say more money. It’s great to have money — but once the basics are met, wouldn’t peace of mind be a lot more valuable? What about being able to embrace the fullness of our potential? Or operating from a place of trust and leaving behind fears that keep us limited? Money is only a tool. Let’s move beyond the concept of financial welfare to something more profound.

Another missing piece is about allowing yourself to feel the joy of having what you want, and allowing that joy to flow through your body. That is no small feat when you don’t actually have it yet, and you must have been feeling its absence, or lack, because otherwise you wouldn’t know you want it. You have to change this awareness of lack. It helps to have a positive attitude to life, a good partnership with your body, and a very strong imagination. It takes practice. And when we keep falling back to the default awareness of lack, the thing we want can’t come to us. We are unconsciously wishing it away instead of wishing it present. We have to acknowledge our deep-seated default beliefs so that we can change or replace them, yet they are so familiar that we are probably unaware of them.

However, this process involves more than just our minds: it is also about our bodies. When we allow the energy of a desire to flow through our bodies, so that we jump for joy and laugh out loud — then we are really on our way to fulfilling our desires, and we can bypass the mental beliefs that block that fulfillment.

A single article cannot possibly cover the art of manifestation in any depth but perhaps you are getting the idea that it requires the courage to do some serious soul-searching, far beyond egoic motivation. Ultimately, it puts you in touch with powerful creative abilities in this lifetime and further, which is tremendously rewarding. Some people may not support you, but many of us are choosing to look more deeply now — and we are all rooting for each other.

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Mikaya Heart
Mikaya Heart is a shamanic practitioner and a spiritual counselor, helping people to learn to operate from a place of trust instead of fear. Her students say that her radical wisdom and her unshakable integrity make her a wonderful guide in these troubled times. Mikaya is also an award-winning author and you can access her books on her website,


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