What Else is Out There! Opening the Mind to Other Realms

Are there other realms of existence? And why should we believe in anything we can’t see, hear or touch? This article may help you to have a little more understanding and open the mind to expanded possibilities about other realms, dimensions and the afterlife.

It is true that we are a source of energy, consisting of different vibrations and molecular makeup. Science has proven that energy cannot be destroyed; instead it is transferred. If you deaden your car battery, you have merely transferred the potential chemical energy that was within the battery to light and heat when you left the lights on (something we have all experienced). So when we pass on from this life, it would seem unscientific to assume that the life force and energy that we once were would simply diminish into nothing, rather than transfer into another form of energy somewhere else.

All humans are born with senses, which are part of our everyday function and survival. We can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. If we speak, our ears are designed to pick up the audible sound (vibration) that was produced from our vocal chords within a certain audio frequency. When a light is switched on or the sun comes up, the receptors within our eyes are designed to pick up the visible frequency of light.

So what about stuff that may be happening beyond our normal sensory boundaries? Yes, there just might be some! Have you ever listened to a classic song on an old AM radio. You tuned into the station and there it was. Then you might hear another song you prefer coming from a radio playing next door. You try to tune your radio in to find the station, but you can’t. Your radio doesn’t cover that part of the radio frequency. Their radio, like yours, has AM, but it also has FM, SW (short wave), and VHF (very high frequency), simply a lot more coverage of what’s out there — a larger portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Think of the radio next door as a person with psychic ability or gift, someone who has the ability to perceive a lot more than the average person may be able to receive. That person acts like a spectrum analyzer, picking up more than just the one radio station frequency at one time, because it has a wider range of reception and sensitivity.

Just because you can’t hear it or see it right in front of you, doesn’t mean it’s not out there!

Believe it or not, we all have the ability to expand on our psychic abilities and sensitivity. Some are naturally attuned to this perception a lot more than most, but we can all further develop these abilities if we want to.



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