A Diet for the Auras of Aspiring Adepts


An excerpt and adaptation from Advanced Studies of the Human Aura

The pure diet of the aura of those who aspire to be adepts consists of spiritual light and fire, vibrant heavenly colors, the music of angelic choirs, the fragrances of beautiful and aromatic flowering plants, the quintessences expressed by devic beings and nature spirits, as well as certain thoughtforms and ideations of divine muses that inspire our minds and hearts with sublime messages of love, truth, purity and peace. All of these play upon the subtle electronic field of our auras and bring us harmony and joy.

The aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that is ever moving, changing and expressing what is manifesting in our consciousness. It responds to exactly who and where we are in awareness each moment of our lives. Our daily conscious choices determine whether our auras will be beautiful, radiant and as colorful as a spring rainbow, flowing with God’s glory and scintillating with the pure light-energies of our higher Self — or something less.

As spiritual students ascending the steps of our true Self-mastery, we can decide that what we ingest will be worthy of our high and holy calling. We can choose to partake of inspiring stimuli that feed our souls and replenish our spirits, for we know that what we put our attention upon, we become.

The purest diet for spiritual aspirants is light and fire, which we imbibe through various spiritual practices, such as meditation, silence, prayer, chanting, singing, solar gazing, serving others and being in nature. We assimilate God’s light and fire by allowing it to flow and flower within us as we still our minds and open our hearts to the Source of all.

We can take our cues from nature to help us understand how to properly feed our auras. The same elements that exist in the material world also exist in spiritual realms at a higher and more refined frequency. Just as people enjoy being in the sun, feeling its light and warmth recharging their physical cells, so we may enjoy our Solar Presence as it showers the radiance of spiritual light upon and through us, recharging our inner batteries (chakras) with its holy essences of divine love.

Eating a colorful diet of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, immersing ourselves in Mother Nature’s wonderland, observing the plants in all of their multihued expressions and drinking in the sunlight and rainbow radiances of love all around us are wonderful ways to nurture our auras through nature.

We can make our lives more colorful and develop a rainbow aura by seeking out different experiences and not doing the same things the same way every day. Mixing things up, changing paradigms of belief, moving in other dimensions and streams of awareness through thought and during meditation can help to add energetic layers of light to our auras. Through these practices, the colors of our auras take on deeper and richer hues.

If you are a mystic at heart, you are observant and reflective. You desire to understand the deeper mysteries by penetrating to the core of why and how things are the way they are. As you continue to muse on your divine life and live centered in beingness, greater light from your Solar Presence flows to you and is impressed within your auric field.

Lastly, if we desire to have an expansive and radiant aura, we must be creative! People who follow the crowd and are not self-starters and do not generate the energy required to expand their auras. I encourage everyone to develop a co-creative relationship with God. Go where no one has gone. Do things that have never been done. Write poetry, songs and music. Create new dances and art forms. Use the gifts and talents that God has placed within your heart, mind and soul to become a light alchemist. Expand the universe and expand your aura!

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David Christopher Lewis
David Christopher Lewis is a gifted clairaudient and Aquarian author and composer. David co-founded The Hearts Center Community, Meru University and Paradise Permaculture Institute. His mission is to share the ascended masters' practical progressive revelations to help individuals experience personal awakening and Self-realization. David and his wife, Mona, live near Livingston, Montana, where they have co-created their own "foodscape" on their 6-acre property -- a model permaculture demonstration and teaching garden.


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