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egyptA two-week tour of Egypt can be an amazing experience. Dale and Sheryl Fisher invite you to join them next March 14-27, 2017, for a great adventure with a private yacht on the Nile, visiting ancient temples and the Sphinx and spending private time in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

The Fishers have visited Egypt four times, most recently in October 2015. “We realized we wanted to do it again and bring others with us,” they said.

Participants will spend six days on a luxury yacht, the Afandina (see Afandina Dahabia on YouTube), and they will be guided by an Egyptologist with Quest Travel at the Karnak Temple and the Luxor Temple (also known as the Temple of Man) and six other ancient sites on the Nile River, and stand at the feet of the huge statues of Rameses II at Abu-Simbel. The tour will then return to Cairo and the Mena House hotel, featuring beautiful grounds and views of the nearby pyramids on the Giza Plateau. The Mena House has hosted royalty, heads of state and celebrities. During the five days in Cairo, the group will visit the Egyptian Museum, where they will explore ancient Egyptian artifacts dating back to 4,000 B.C.

“It is a thrilling experience to stand before the famous gold death mask of Tut-Ankh-Amun and the many other treasures that travelled with the boy king to the afterlife,” the Fishers said.

The tour will then travel to the step pyramid at Sakkara, the oldest pyramid, and visit the Giza Plateau with the Sphinx and the pyramids. A special private visit to the King’s Chamber in the Great pyramid also is planned. While in Cairo, other sacred sites with ancient Egyptian, Jewish, Christian and Muslim heritages will be visited.

“When we visited the ancient temples, we have had the thrill of realizing prior lifetimes at the sacred temples,” The Fishers said. “Many people who have had a long-term interest in visiting Egypt and never knew why will find answers once physically in Egypt. It is quite amazing to suddenly ‘see’ the site in full color from thousands of years ago. We have enjoyed the leadership of our guide, who is an encyclopedia of Egyptology and gives us detailed explanations of the controversial theories about the amazing structures.”

The Fishers said the tour is safe. “In all the time we have spent in Egypt,” they said, “we have never had a moment of concern. Quest Travel is the finest travel agency in Egypt and they take good care of us.”

The cost is $3,800 plus air fare. Half of the payment is due by September 30, with full payment by November 1. For more information and a full itinerary, contact Dale and Sheryl Fisher at 763.420.9017 or [email protected].

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