Kundalini & Opening to the Authentic Inner Divine

Authenticity within Kundalini is to become the genuine truth of one’s divine self. To live the truth of one’s beingness as a natural individual worthy of the diversity of exalted life experience and expressions. A point not of mere light but a holy light of divine grace.

To live this truth of love and appreciation is to become what we see in the face of a child. The innocence of all and the strength of all within the authentic, pure soul.

We have to learn how to discern and know who, what, how, and why we are, in order to remember these truths of our existence. For our clarity of grace, we can strive to understand the diversity of love that each and every one of us represents as a holy expression of love within the infinitude of divine variation.

This leads us into a remembrance of the Karma of creation and into and through the Dharma of our current life. We then become our true awakened self. This can be felt as a response to the irresistible pull of the divine evolutionary imperative.

When we begin to express our authentic self, it is that self that then begins to become the desired choice that is embraced. We merge with grace as we begin to blend into the heavenly conscious love created through divine Kundalini union. This becomes the awakened Kundalini consciousness.

When we travel this path towards the divine incarnation, it will be a path of our own creation and the destination of our own inner divine. Consciously or not, it is being done by you right now. Created by you. You are living this current life through the authenticity of your Karma and the individual choices and experiences that you create.

This is the authentic path.

The divine merges in its many variations, providing a spectrum of unity that invests a level of truth beyond human capacity to hold, except through the divine transformation given from Kundalini. This comes with extreme levels of knowledge and bliss and a clarity of life and the purpose of life.

Such knowledge can accelerate certain forms of evolution for the soul — from the mundane to the heavenly in real time. Kundalini awakening is the first eternal divine awareness and intelligence that is inserted into the conscious physical experience of continuous divine expression.

Our evolutionary inner sun, and the dances of our radiance within that sun, bring qualities of this knowledge, happiness, love and clarity to those willing to open themselves into this amazing, genuine transformation. Expand your consciousness and open the eyes of your heart. You will feel what love can see.



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