My Authenticity & Fairies


The value of sharing my love and connection with the fairies lies in the joy it brings to myself and others. Seeing light come back into people’s eyes when they make their connection is my passion.

I’ve always believed in the magical world that includes fairies. As a child, I spent endless hours playing in the pastures of our small farm in rural Minnesota. Fairies were my best friends and constant companions. I believe my long and close connection with them is part of the reason I continue to enjoy a happy life.

As I grew, I was encouraged to lay aside my childish beliefs. I recall bitter arguments about what others considered to be the true nature of reality. Despite it all, I kept the faith, guarding it deep within myself. Fortunately for me, all my hiding didn’t prevent the fairies from offering me guidance. They told me to continue learning and growing until the time I’d be called upon to share my knowledge, and the truth as I saw it. I no longer need others to validate what I believe. I am content within myself.

It’s been eight years since I discovered the worldwide revival in fairies. I found issues of Faerie Magazine at my local bookstore, purchased the current issue and three back issues, went back to my house and lost myself in the beautiful world of fairy wonder and magic. I was home.

I was so thrilled and inspired by what I read that I sent an e-mail to celebrated fairy artist Linda Ravenscroft in England, telling her how much I appreciated her lovely depiction of the fairies in her work. She responded with an invitation to attend an International Fairy Festival in Philadelphia that fall. She offered to take me around and introduce me to her artist friends. This event changed the course of my life.

I had the honor of listening to FaerieCon 2008’s show producer, Robert Gould, during his presentation about fairies and I left feeling transformed. His message was a profound, yet simple one: “The world did not need more darkness. What it needed was more light, love, joy and peace. We could add to that by sharing the message of the fairies.” I decided to take this message to heart. When I arrived back home in Minnesota, I began my journey to become a Faeriologist. It was time to come out of hiding and share what I knew with the world.

An energy vortex opened for me in the fall, starting with a simple post on Facebook about a Fairy Festival happening a few states away. I mentioned how fun it would be if there could be one in Minnesota. To my honor and surprise, the mayor of Burnsville responded, suggesting we plan a Fairy Festival together. I started slowly and to my good fortune, my beautiful friend Laurie Wondra at Your Life Core ( volunteered to help me. Laurie hit the ground running, setting up the Fairy Festival Facebook page and our event page, sending out newsletters, tweeting regularly, creating a huge following of fellow fairy fans. It was a whirlwind — in three weeks we had 25 vendors organized and 4,000 fans interested in the festival.

It was a resounding success with close to 1,000 people attending. What a success! We are already planning for 2017. If you’re in the neighborhood, join us next summer at the Twin Cities Fairy Festival. We’ll be celebrating International Fairy Day on June 24 at Terrace Oaks West Park in Burnsville, MN.

It’s been a beautiful journey.

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  1. Susie is truly authentic in her passion when interacting with the fairies ! Her deep commitment and love for their energy shines so strongly. She is the original Faeriologist. I loved experiencing this energy during the Fairy Festival where over a 1000 people attended. Our preparation for the event blossomed quickly as people showed their love and support for nature, the fairies and Susie’s dream. It was magical how it all came together… Susie and I would ask for something and it would magically show up.. We have so many stories around this festival how it exploded now to what will be an annual event.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this article and the woman who wrote it…. My mother. She is as real as it gets and is a perfect example of someone who lives in sync with the world of fairies authentically and unapologetically. Such an inspiration to me and anyone else who strives to bring awareness to what they love and create a job out of their passions. She created her dream job and is opening the eyes of so many people to see the little beautiful simple gifts of nature and the presence of things we can’t see or touch but simply believe in and feel. So so cool mom!


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