A child is abused
And the groundwork is laid
For a debit of love that can never be paid
The body matures
But the heart and the mind
Of the injured child are now legally blind
Trained not to speak
Of what they’ve been through
They assume this is life; this is just what you do
But suppressed or remembered
The feelings bring shame
And they spend a whole lifetime wrapped in self-blame
Love’s become twisted
It cannot be trusted
“I might be a monster…or I might just be busted.”
Where can you hide
When there’s nowhere to go?
What can you prove when there’s nothing to show?
To save your own children
You’ll distance yourself
Get clean away, put your heart on a shelf
Or use love as nepenthe
Let the past slip away
Hope the darkness dissolves, that the sunlight will stay
But it doesn’t, you know
For night’s always inside
Dark is your father and you, his bright bride
Dark helped construct you
Dark gave you strength
Dark is your fiber, your breadth and your length.
But dark doesn’t own you
Can’t make you its bitch
You’re halogen, human, and you’ve got the switch
Flip it.

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Victoria Pendragon
Victoria Pendragon's poems were first published in the 1960s by Ingenue Magazine. She was raised in a house where words were treasured toys, where the 10-pound Webster's Unabridged sat right next to the dinner table and was as much a member of the family as anyone. Weaving words is one of her Wisdom Ways, a tool for re-crafting her relationship to her reality, a reality that has at times been...challenging. Poems are the foundation of her life as an artist. Contact her at [email protected]. Visit, or


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