Removing the Layers of Separation from Spirit


We have 39 to 48 thoughts per minute as we go about our day, taking care of business…living…surviving. Unless we are consciously monitoring our process, thoughts just happen. But here is something to really think about: Where are all those thoughts coming from? What is real (inner truth)? What is not (falsity)?

Energetic anatomy is not accepted in many circles to be true — for reasons we will not bring to light here — however, understanding spiritual and energetic autonomy brings freedom to mind, body and spirit. Authenticity. This relates to the first three chakras, the 3D level of Intelligence, the 3 layers of the mind. Each energetic layer has separate functions and all three layers are interconnected and directly impact each other.

Let’s explore each one.

• 1D — Memory Storage/ Unconscious Mind, the root layer functioning as a hard drive for the ego. This hard drive is the cellular memory storage for all of your lifestreams. Cellular memories from past, present and future lives may all be stored here.

Memories are not given value when they are recorded, whether you perceive them as good or bad, but these multiple memories are stored on the root hard drive of every human being. Whether one was a fetus, baby, in between lifetimes or unconscious when the body suffered “abuse,” it was recorded in your memory storage.

The central nervous system tunes into the cellular memory. When a frequency is “picked up,” the experience of a painful memory can recall the abuse, trauma, shock and devastation. Some will suffer from shock and will shut these memories down completely. Others are very successful clearing these memories through emotional clearing practices such as hypnosis and past life regression, EFT, etc. The bottom line is awareness. If you spot (identify) it, you’ve got it!

• 2D — Walls of Separation/Instinctual Mind, the second internal layer of ego that remains a part of the unconscious mind for many people, because many of us do not pay attention to the cause of their instinctual drives or addictions. This second layer could also be called the pain body. This is where unresolved pain memories will manifest as instinctual drives within the person’s ego (identity).

If the 1D storage memories are not identified or cleared, the pain of these memories creates “walls of separation” in the 2D layer as a pain body. These walls of separation isolate the ego self, and as the person identifies with that ego state, they become disconnected from their inner spirit/heart. This disconnection from the inner spirit creates a wall where another part of the ego identity may split off and may hide itself.

This IMPOSTOR identity can be created when you’re a baby, a 6-year-old child, a teenager, or even in other timelines. This phenomenon is called ego sub-personalities, and they may be hidden behind the walls as a result of deeply experienced trauma.

When we are separated from our inner spirit/heart, we are disconnected from our experience with God Source. The result is more pain, disconnection and disease, which exacerbates the ego walls and perpetuates the cycle of misery. Feelings of unworthiness, shame, guilt, lack of trust, self-doubt, betrayal, abandonment, anger, rage, fear, entrapment and enslavement are stored in our pain body.

• 3D — Houses of Ego/Conscious Mind, third internal layer of the ego that we all perceive as a self or personality. This layer is directly impacted by the first and second layers to the degree in which painful memory has created walls of separation and traumatized sub-personalities. If the main areas of the walls of separation are not dismantled and sub-personalities brought into transparency for healing, these hidden influences control and manipulate the strength and power within the person’s identity and Houses of Ego, creating thoughts that lead to construction of an impostor identity of that person.

Most of us stumble or get lost along the way. That’s the way it is. The goal is to find and locate those sub-personalities — to heal them and reclaim them as your Children of God, so that the spiritual light can be reintegrated and brought back into wholeness.

The dark night of the soul is not a bad thing; it’s an integration to balance. Learn to access inner truth; reveal the source of what you are feeling and thinking. Then, radiate with inner peace. Because you know you are connected to the truth; you are connected to your heart. This is the embodiment of the Cosmic Christ. The Authentic Self.



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