A Pleiadian Message: The Seeds of Truth


dayBeloved ones, we greet you. You enter this month with another set of dimensional frequency changes. There is a new purpose activated on your planet, and we hold a platform for each one of you as you are called forth to come and take action.

A rapidly shifting interchange of consciousness is opening up within those of you on this awakening path. This unveiling will create the potential for a dynamic spiritual change within. Each one of you carries in your heart a living Seed of Truth, which is a natural part of your makeup, your spiritual heritage. This Seed exists within the multidimensional structures of your heart and has been lying dormant until this evolutionary juncture created by this interchange opening.

A series of activations, in the form of dimensional shifts, have opened up on your Earth plane bringing an inner movement through the illusion. It’s as though there has been a wide crack from within this 3rd dimensional illusion, breaking apart that which has been strongly forged for lifetimes, releasing veils that have held this illusion in place.

Rhythm and flow
Through this movement you have been able to come back to the more authentic rhythm and flow that is associated with the energetic space where all things exist simultaneously. You have begun a process of alignment to your multidimensional form within this new state of energy that exists now. This makes it possible for you to begin to reform a connection to the truer aspects of your self and your heritage states. Through this more authentic vista it is possible for you to begin to access and align to a series of Seeds of Truth that have always existed within your heart.

A series of revelations are to be opened up within you because of your natural state of being that’s in existence. Through this state, you will begin to glimpse your own sacred union with all mankind. The awakening of these seeds brings to you the possibility of your own sacred potential that exists within your heritage. They are designed to awaken through you that which holds only authenticity and Truth.

An aspect of the Truth is the unveiling of the clarity of the pure union that exists between you and all humanity, between you and the entire Universe. This revelation opens up a monumental step that is to be initiated within your own conscious state. The activation of your Seeds of Truth begins with a desire from you to open into the Truth of this union element with yourself and mankind. This exists within all life-force components within the Universe and is held like a sacred covenant through all humanity. The Covenant contains and mirrors the common bond of the God Consciousness element that exists in Truth.

Shift of consciousness
The role of the activating seeds is to begin an energetic ripple that moves through your own consciousness first and then outwards to all humanity and beyond, within the entire Universe. Through these ripples is a pulsing that carries the Truth of your interconnectedness. This begins to create an energetic opening and holds the frequency of profound change — with enormous potential for the shift of consciousness for mankind.

Another significant element of these Seeds of Truth is their ability to hold steady the transmission of the embracing of your human aspect. Only then can there be a natural extension of that love moving out from you to other human beings on your planet.

This conscious action by you is about aligning and living the Truth of your interconnecting link to the God Consciousness element that exists and extending this to each one of the life force groups within the entire Universal community.

Now is the time for you to take this step of extending your love outwards. As you do this, you will find a deeper sacred unfolding within the seeds of your heart. Your heart will become enriched, nourished by the loving force created through this action of Communion.

Your family of light
Many of you have been so earthbound, unable to comprehend the existence of your extended Family of Light within the Universe, unable to embrace your brothers and sisters from the Universal community. You are ready for this extended opening up of your vision and to become inclusive with all life force groups that exist beyond your Earth plane.

Embracing this connection develops a deep internal change within your own expanded consciousness. Links within your brain reactivate and enable these sacred communion connections. An expanded frequency of love within your heart cells is initiated through your action of acceptance and interconnection.

We, the Pleiadians, have been holding before you the sacredness of your Self, which has been waiting to be self-realized. As you open up to humanity, you get to experience the full depth of the interconnection that exists within your own heart through the completeness of Self. This is the action of the divine connection made manifest through your full embrace of humanity. This is an aspect of your own sacredness unfolding. By embracing of your Self, and then moving that out to each individual, you begin to receive an abundance that arises naturally when you extend that love forward.

This frequency of love births through the seeds as you accept your place within the Collective God Consciousness. By receiving others, you receive your Self. You are ready to fully embrace this change of consciousness that the love provides. You are, in Truth, the love that you carry. Love is the unfolding element, the essential element of your enlightenment process. This frequency of love can only be activated through the self-realization process held within you, by you.

To understand this full concept of unity, it is a vital necessity that you open up into an aspect of self-acceptance. Begin to move into a place within yourself of receiving all that you are in this moment. As you take an initial step of just holding yourself within this space and breathing, the Seeds of Truth can begin to activate within your heart. Ripples are produced from the activation of the Seeds in your own heart.

This conscious action by you will release some of the existing separation within you and will begin to impact your communities. This separation element, which has been perpetuated through all time on your planet, is beginning to break down. This begins with you as an individual, and then it naturally extends outward into your awakened communities.

We place a call out to all of you to let go and embrace the common elements that link you. Let go of any ego judgment of yourself or others, and open into your sacred common element of love. This is your next step, to let go of the strong, separating element that has been in place on your Earth plane and has been holding the illusion and the need to be separated and isolated firmly in place.

Your combined hearts
This pure form of energy of the love held by these Seeds of Truth will fulfill an aspect of nutrition for your own heart and will ripple outwards to create a shift for mankind. Through this shift, you will bring forth your own individual resurrection as you open into your own expanding fulfilled heart.

You need to join with like-minded people and come together, forming groups of connecting energy between you. Work together to build and unfold as you open into this new level of consciousness through your combined hearts, which carry that God Consciousness Connection. Be willing to let go and come together through the loving, common elements that bind you. Forge an anchor of Truth held through the unity that has been birthed between you as a group. Extend that unity imprint energy outwards to embrace all of humanity on this Earth plane.

You may need to ask yourselves, “What are you afraid of? What will happen if you decide to bring the loving element to all of humanity regardless of belief systems, race or color? What will happen if you allow the barriers to drop away?”

Heralding a new realm
The activation of this event has been preordained, and this interconnecting link will be birthed forth, creating a brilliance of flow that will herald in a new realm of conscious connection between those of you who are awakened now.

This process must begin with those of you who are awakening. There will be the action of a new form of energetic created that holds the full purpose of this change, touching all humanity. This ripple of light is designed to infiltrate humanity. It will begin with a subtle pulse, and then it will grow within you and become more expanded over time.

This is another beginning for the Earth plane, and you are being called forth to play an essential role — because you are ready. You do not have to do this perfectly. Making an intention to begin to align to this changing dynamic within your consciousness, to develop an alignment to your heritage of Oneness, is enough.

Moving through you
You are being asked to forge the energy of this deeper consciousness of reunion through you, allowing this flow of energy to open up and begin to actively work within your cells. This involves you letting go, and as you do, the Truth of this interconnectedness to humanity can move deeply through you. Know that this pure energetic flow of Truth is here for you. It is part of the “new dawning” energy.

As you breathe and let go, the energy of this Truth can move through you, bringing about a metamorphic change within your physical body. This energy contained within the Truth can almost breathe light through you. This breath forms a deeper light connection to your own God consciousness state. Letting go into this Truth is liberating. You can become more complete as you choose to embrace this interconnection with all humanity. You can begin to naturally evolve and open up into a new vibrancy of light that flows within you.

You will continue to go further into a depth of understanding of Truth, unfolding into your unique connection to humanity and what that really entails for you in your life. This process allows you to become more within the unfolding layers of your own unique design.

The grand design
You naturally bring forth and activate the grand design of the interconnection of God consciousness that promotes the love, which weaves itself, and exists within all life force throughout the Universe. You get to see that you are a part of this sacred communion through an unending Universal connection. This love exists in its total form through your decision to come Home. This homecoming is the free-will action of embracing Truth of the authentic interconnection of love that exists between all on this Earth plane and the Universal community.

This is your time to step forward. We, the Pleiadians, hold a steady mirror of this sacred communion that exists between you and us. We are part of this Collective God Consciousness. We are interconnected with all of you from Earth. We hold all that is sacred between humanity and us. Blessings, The Pleiadians



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