New Subscription Box for Crystals encourages Mindful Practice


Crystalline Light has announced the launch of My Crystal Bliss Subscription Box, a monthly service that delivers crystals and stones, wellness and personal care items, and artist-created goods for one, three or six months.

It’s designed to help consumers have a mindful practice of spiritual growth, with a savings on the retail price. Orders are placed before the 15th of each month on the company’s website and are shipped after the 20th of the same month. Subscriptions are available at

“In these days of busy lives and challenges in society, I wanted to share a way for people to feel peaceful and a connection with beautiful gifts from the earth, even if for just a few moments,” owner Jennifer Salness said. “Stones have a certain calm about them, which seems unlikely, but there is scientific reasoning behind the use of crystals. I hope this service can be a bridge to those curious about meditative, spiritual practices or can provide a richer experience for those already on a transformative journey.”

For almost 20 years, Crystalline Light has offered high-quality crystals, stones, essential oil mists, gemstone jewelry and other gifts at trade shows and online. The company mission statement of “energetic tools for living connected” is reflected in the online retail business, online courses and consultation services.

Participants in the subscription box will receive a surprise box in the mail containing: one-of-a-kind crystals and stones; a crystal-related gift such as keychains or jewelry; wellness items such as sage, bath salts or essential oil products or artisan-created gifts like pouches, skin care, home decor; as well as many other surprises. A longer subscription plan receives an additional $50 valued bonus of an online course about how crystals work and how to use them in your life.

“You won’t know what you’re getting each month,” Salness said, “but you can trust it will be quality, personal and delightful. It’s like receiving a surprise birthday gift each month. Plus you’re saving $15 to $50 on the full retail price of the included gifts. Each box is carefully curated for quality as well as meditative connection.”

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