The Redesign of Reality


We should not divide our perceived reality but be amused by it. The thought fragments that divulge our reactions create assumptions that shape our reality. It is by entertainment that we become actors or actresses, to perform and nourish the stages of life that are inflicted with the changing of props and perspective. Reality is a misshapen unlimited form that is perfected and unperfected, based on the credentials we grant ourselves and the potential we believe lays dormant.

To exceed positivity with reality, all we need to do is shorten the ratio between actuality and non-actuality — being the dreamer versus the doer. This does not mean being awake or asleep, but aware of what we want to include in our reality and what we need to eliminate.

A hidden agenda within our reality poses as a nagging and relentless lover who wishes only to act on desires. If we do not cultivate what is healthy for our mind and body, our reality is viewed horribly harmful and offensive to our authentic self. We must simplify the necessary need to shape our own reality, even if it causes physical pain.

We must endure in order to improve the snapshot of our reality, which is configured with our every thought, like unedited photographs. Reality is a memory we almost forget or disregard, even when it pressures us to change it. Illusion is a non-reality, our belief that reality does not exist or we are dumbfounded by it.

To allow time to be our obsession is a distraction to place reality as a priority for our perception. Excuses in life only mimic delays, yet initially, they serve to show us that our complaints give us no satisfaction for happiness. We must exit from the burdensome spaces in our mind and reconfigure our location to a timeless meditative space. This break-out time is imperative to reflect on the reality we define in viewing and feeling with how we wish to redesign it.

Jurisprudence is a defective chaos when used to measure the boundaries of reality. It is not required to have reality with a rules set or conditional. It is also just madness to be a “judge” of your own reality.

These “self-laws” are propositioned to anchor us from the oceanic horizon, to see beyond the eyes of us as believers. Being out of belief is a comfortable state of madness that invites all that we thought we knew, with ideals of changing our self-clothing.

We can reach our destination only when we build a stronger vessel to prove that beyond the horizon is the state of realization that our mind has extended beyond the perceived “reality” of yesterday or the day before. Settling into that wanting truth, where reality is motionless yet speeding ahead of us and beyond our senses, is the key to living a fuller life filled with inner graciousness.

Reality is about discovering what you wish to be and following the invisible path toward it. Invisible is a metaphor for the unknown — or it also works in reverse, where we do walk backwards at stages only to feel like we are failing. But rest assured, within failing we experience that with new and improved attempts we can succeed. If we can invite a new piece of self-awareness as luxury into our reality, we would experience a richness that aids toward our self-royalty.

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