You Cannot Avoid the Void


It’s weird. On one hand it seems there is much ado about everything. On the other it seems there is not much ado about anything. There is compelling drama as the old reality melts down into chaos, yet there is immersion into the pregnant stillness of a world yet unknown. And impatient frustration reigns as we navigate between them.

We’re tested in every moment these days. The old teaching is that where attention goes, energy flows. As a creator being, where are you choosing to focus your attention? The death throes of Duality generate crises that beckon in a thousand ways, like enchanting Sirens luring sailors to shipwreck on the rocks. One minute of feeding the old system by entering a polarity and proudly justifying your position is a minute still bound within that system. The only way out is out. By awareness and choice.

As long as we are here, we’re still going to be active in the world, perhaps with more awareness than ever. We can be supportive of something without polarizing against what appears to be its opposite. Therein lie the practices of discernment and detachment.

The title of this comment reflects what I’ve been feeling over much of this year. I have found the transition between worlds to be challenging. The impatience and frustration grows from being clear that the old ways of being here don’t feel good and no longer actually work, while I find few places of comfort in the vastness of the unknown. This is the void, the in-between place. I find it unpleasant.

The sense of never fitting into the old reality has only become more evident, and it’s a bit shocking sometimes to realize how diligently I tried. At the same time, most of what has been known is disappearing with a curious process of showing its backside before being consumed by the flames of change. Everything stored or disowned is being released out of the unconscious. Individually, we call it healing. Collectively we call it transformation. It’s not always pretty or comfortable, if ever.

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Chris LaFontaine
Chris LaFontaine is consciousness techie with the soul of an artist and healer. He shares his perspectives on personal and global transformation through blog posts at Lightsmith (, and can be contacted at [email protected].


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