A Pleiadian Message: Witnessing Drama, Fear from the Heart


Beloved ones, we greet you. We, the Pleiadians, alongside many other life force groups within the Universal community, are assisting with a powerful synergetic energy that is anchoring onto your planet for this revolutionary juncture of your awakening. A series of dimensional adjustments will be opening up throughout your Earth plane, and these are designed to play an impactful and significant role in supporting a huge shift within your consciousness.

This transformation has been created to launch those of you on your awakening path into a series of deep internal changes.

Through these dimensional shifts, there is a breaking down within the illusion that has been forged in your world for lifetimes. These shifts are making it possible for you, as an individual, to stabilize and to begin to glimpse and experience the sacred that exists within you. These dimensional shifts within your environment are allowing you to be able to more easily identify, and then witness, the drama of the third-dimensional illusion. The action is to guide you energetically to move beyond this illusion and no longer be a part of that drama.

Each one of you are being called through these dimensional changes to develop a deeper union within your own heart, which will enable you to play a more conscious role within your communities on Earth. As you work from the Truth that exists within your heart, there are transformational reconnections to the Collective Oneness that automatically begin to manifest through you. These reconnections to the Oneness strongly influence and impact your individual journey, and then they flow outwards to all of humanity.

Family of light
In reality, we are all part of the “family of light.” Every human being holds an aspect of the One God Consciousness. You, as a collective humanity, have always belonged to the Sacred. Your heritage creates a strong anchor for you at this transformational juncture. This anchor can be likened to a platform of light that supports you in your Homecoming.

Remember, it is through your heart that you can transcend the illusion that is on your planet. You can begin to draw strength from your heritage simply because you hold an aspect of the Oneness within you. Your very own heart structure is your doorway to access this pure form of empowering support.

Now is your time to begin to transcend the illusion on your planet. Forces are in place to support you in your quest of liberating your self. The greatest factor holding the illusion in place is the energy of fear that has built up like a mountain within the consciousness of mankind. This is the time for you to begin to consciously move away from the old way of reacting to the illusion of fear that has dictated and impacted your every decision, your every movement in this world.

Fear is the automatic response from the ego mind, a third-dimensional illusionary reaction that keeps you in a cycle of self-sabotage. Each one of you is being called: to begin a conscious process of changing the way you react to fear in your day-to-day lives; and to begin to investigate how you are responding, and perpetuating this element of fear in your lives.

Many of you are still imprisoned by this illusion of fear. This energy can be all encompassing for you. It creates a strong emotional response that spawns a separated state from Truth. The feeling of fear overwhelms the senses and prevents you from connecting into your heart structure, which links you to your Home, to your natural heritage of the Oneness.

A Truth: Fear has no reality base in the moment. Fear is built up through a series of misperceptions created from the ego mind. The ego has a series of stories about what might happen, and these stories are based on what has happened in the past. Remember, your ego mind does not understand anything beyond the third-dimensional illusion. So fear is your ego mind’s response to any change, to anything that is different from what it does not have a point of reference. Fear is the result of the full limitation of the ego mind.

Witness your fear
A process is necessary so that you can begin to witness your fear and the constant chattering, dialogue of your ego mind. Watch the way your ego mind works, how it creates and builds momentum to the feeling of fear. You need to note how it begins to insinuate the very worst scenarios to prevent you from making any changes to the sabotaging cycles in your life that are set in place.

We are holding a new dynamic platform of energy on your planet for change in the strong hold of illusion. Fear has been the main ingredient that has instilled the illusion on your planet, and now you are to begin a deep process of self-realization to move beyond that which has held you imprisoned.

The development of your higher level of conscious connection originates through your heart center. Your heart connection is your way to freedom as you are moved beyond the grip of the ego mind and the fear responses.

This pure source of energy that has begun generating on your planet holds the imprint patterns to support your realignment to the reality that exists beyond the illusion of fear. You have the sacred vehicle of your heart center, which will act as a stabilizer, enabling you to anchor into the liberating reality that has always existed beyond the illusion of fear. It allows you to source from a free unlimited, uninhibited place within you. It moves you into a state of being, by repositioning you naturally away from the limited perception of your ability to function on this Earth plane from the illusion. Here, you meet Self through the connection to a higher aspect of your being within your heart structure.

Upswing of upheaval
There is to be an enormous upswing of upheaval on your Earth plane. In the upcoming months, the potential for third-dimensional drama will increase as the new dimensional energies create an energetic discord within societies, within countries throughout your planet. This call to anchor through your heart beyond the fear is essential for you, enabling you as an individual to stay connected, stabilized within your heart, while you witness these increasing dramas.

Remember: This upheaval is all designed as part of the illusion of this time. The ego mind will react strongly with fear to these impending changes within your society.

You, as a human race, have been weighed down through this illusion of fear, which has been operating through all time on your planet. Fear has been an all-consuming pastime — and a very strong base ego mind element held within your lives, controlling most of your communities.

Change is being made possible now because of the sacred timing of this “new dawning” era. The platform that is being held opens the potential for you to extend your connections Homeward. This next phase of experience is upon you in your cycle of transformation, and these changes are designed to move humanity into a different experience of living beyond this illusion.

Those of you on the path, whom we refer to as the “way showers,” have as part of your mission right now: to “let go” on another level; to open into an introspective process on how the illusion of fear is still active within your lives; and to investigate your individual dynamics on how you are responding to the fear perpetuated by your ego mind. This may be a very subtle insinuation by the ego mind, however, the impact creates separation through your heart and it impacts your stability in this time of upcoming upheaval.

Change your reaction
You will get to see that the ego mind continues to produce the fear, for all sorts of reasons that are not based on Truth. You will find that if you are willing to change your reaction to fear, you will begin to understand that the fear itself cannot hurt you in any way. If you witness the fear and ignore the ego mind’s dialogue, continuing forward on your path no matter the outer appearance of things, the fear will dissolve. You are being called to stay present within your heart space, where you can open to your next step in the moment, taking one step at a time and not trying to project ahead what may happen.

Each time you consciously choose to move beyond the fear, you are liberating your self from the illusion. An important part of the process to change your responses to fear is to link your consciousness into your heart structure. Your heart reflects Truth, revealing the reality that exists within events and situations in your life. The energy within the heart is likened to a reflective pool of light, which aligns you to the purest connection to a higher intuitive part of Self. Your heart is a sacred connector that holds you in a stable, clear place of being impartial to the drama created by the illusion in your world, which is constantly assessed by your ego mind. Your role is to simply be a witness to the drama, not a participant.

Remember: You are not your ego mind!

This whole process of moving beyond the illusion of fear, of moving past the promptings of the ego mind, is a practice that can be achieved by you. Within each moment, and through every experience, you get to choose how you are going to respond to the different situations in your life. You either choose to respond to the fear or open into the unlimited possibilities, which you can source from within your heart. There is a building of spontaneous joy as you consciously choose to live differently within the moment.

The ego mind’s response to fear is to act quickly, to “do something” about a situation. There is an intensity that you must act now! The heart’s response is to stop, and breathe — and to “actively wait” for the right moment to respond to a situation, to let go and witness what is going to arise as a solution.

Your choosing to live within your active heart energy is needed now to support the communities on Earth. These transformative energies that are being anchored on the planet are designed to support you in working in this new way through your heart.

Within this new era, you have the ability to open into a self-creation process through your heart structure. As you liberate yourself from the fear responses of the ego mind, there is the natural realignment to your creation energy through your heart space, birthing your heart’s desire through your life. This allows you to begin to take responsibility for your own creation of your life and celebrate the experiences that currently are before you.

By opening fully into your experiences, you can continually let go into the ownership of your creations. Each one of your creations has brought you into who you are in this very moment of time.

In each moment
It is essential to remember that through your heart structure you get to choose in each moment how you are going to respond, process and receive what is there for you in any situation. We are reminding you to keep letting go and letting go, receiving the sacred held within each setting of experience that you have allowed to receive within your heart connection.

We continue to support you as a member of the “family of light.” Know that you have never been alone. You have had the experience of being separate from your heart within the illusion that has been active on your Earth plane.

Your link to Home has always resided within your heart. Know that all is in hand as you choose to transition consciously through your heart structure back to your sacred heritage. Blessings, The Pleiadians.


  1. Waiting and waiting for the truth to emerge. The planet Earth is ruled by people who are just not addressing the real issue at hand and the politicians are having a nice time loading themselves with money and pleasure. If we believe we live in a system that according to our scientists is nearly 15 billion years old and we live only for about 75 years, why is this nonsense is being created and make everybody’s lives miserable.

    Hope the Federation out there takeover and not let the prophecies come true. Nearly 90% of the population will welcome that. We in planet Earth are going against nature and I think it is the responsibility of superior civilizations to help the unfortunate.

    Not sure it will happen, as some of you are very scared to come close to Earth as we have too much of nuclear weapons. The problem is that on Earth no one seems to question why we have so much of nuclear weapons and for what purpose except the sole purpose of eliminating the planet altogether.

    I would like that you the enlightened beings teach us what you teach your children, through your contacts on our planet.


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