Angels Among Us: Living with Angelic Guidance


I work with angels all the time. They have taught me, and continue to teach me, many truths. The main angel I work with is Archangel Metatron. I was not aware of Him until Archangel Michael introduced Him to me. He informed me that I had work ahead of me and Metatron would be my constant guide. It took some getting used to, being connected all the time, I had to reach a trust level, to be assured that my guidance was Divine at all times. I felt as if I was living between two worlds. Most people are not connected all the time, but need to establish that angel connection for guidance.

Being connected all the time involves Him giving me His opinion and guidance throughout my daily life. He throws in humor when needed and, at times, has even given a stern word of advice. He will sing a tune or make comments that make me laugh, and the grocery store is always an adventure. He has taught me how Divine guidance works.

I found out that it is best to ask before planning and doing, because it saves work and time! What I did wasn’t wrong; the intent was good, it just was not what I was meant to do. It was my plan and it sidetracked me from the Divine plan. Can I refuse to do something? Yes, absolutely. Have I? Yes. I still have free will, but I have found there is always a reason that I am guided to do or say something. I may not know it at the time, but often the response from the other person is one of gratefulness — it was something they needed guidance for. Other times it’s a “no” response to the message. It’s their responsibility to listen to their angels — and not mine to judge.

He has shown me that there are so many different angels, some are here on Earth all the time, and others come and go as called for. Our guardian angel is with us always and never leaves our side. I don’t see angels in their full glory, but I do see their colorful sparks or orbs and can sense them. Metatron relays their messages to me, since I only hear certain angels.

This is a great gift from God, the Father Creator, learning to live in the world with Divine guidance. Do I feel like I am living in two different worlds? I did at first, but now it feels normal to me. It is a world unknown to many, but available to all who desire Divine guidance. It is a concept that is not easily grasped by those who do not give credence to spirit and angels. People fail to recognize that this is not a new concept. Divine guidance and connection have been sought after through the ages and, at times, they have been kept secret from a society that could not grasp the understanding of God’s Wisdom.

Would I go back to a more materialistic life? No way. I would feel lost without communicating with the angels and I have no desire for accumulating things that have no real value. The rewards of seeing the joy of those who are learning to connect with their angels in our Divine Reiki classes is priceless. They are happy to finally be on the path that they have been searching for. The room fills with the angels among us.

They’re always among us. They are with us constantly, whispering in your ears, trying to get our attention. They are the ones behind your “gut feeling” or intuition. They are always pouring out love to you. They want you to hear them, to connect and ask for Divine guidance.

To learn more about the Angels and their messages, join host Dagney Kvamme Walters on the free Edge Talk Radio Podcast, “The Edge Presents Angels, Messengers of Light,” which debuts at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 5. It broadcasts on the first Wednesday of each month. Call in with your Angel experience or receive a short message from your Angel at 1.714.364.4750 at the time of the show or listen anytime at

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Dagney Kvamme Walters
Dagney Kvamme Walters is connected to Archangel Metatron. She is the podcast host of “The Edge presents Angels – Messengers of Light,” and she offers Angel messages and writes guided articles. She is a spiritual mentor, and a Healing in Spirit healer and educator at


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