Archangels, Aromatherapy and Gemstones to Design Your Reality


Angels and archangels are messengers for the Divine. The word angel comes from the Greek word angelos, which means messenger. Angels deliver messages. They are delivered through the six senses — you hear, see and know the answers when you pay attention to the signs and symbols around us. In the moment that you ask for help, help is there.

You can design your reality with the help of angels. Add beautiful gemstones and essential oils — aromatherapy — and you have a perfect combination to stay focused on your intention. Gemstones and essential oils go well together to set intentions and to amplify their power. Simply stating the name of the archangel with a little aromatherapy and a rock in hand will not magically make your desires appear. The use of all of these tools will help you maintain focus on your intention.

Take time to imagine your desired outcome in detail. Imagine what life will be like when the new reality has already been in place for a while. Daydreaming can be a good thing, because it provides the opportunity to paint your results in advance.

Action is always required to make dreams come true — and when action is coupled with specific gemstones, the energy is amplified. When the olfactory system is called upon — through the use of real medical grade essential oils along with the assistance of an archangel and matching affirmations — life could soon become the one you wish for.

To create your reality with archangels, aromatherapy and gemstones with the power of positive thought, establish an intention and use a gemstone and essential oil to match an affirmation that sums up your intention. Work and play with each category below to realign your focus. With a bit of creative visualization, you’ll manifest your heart’s desires:

Money — Cinnamon, Pyrite, and Archangel Uriel: Cinnamon raises your confidence and self-esteem and helps you move beyond the perception that something is standing in the way of your goals, desires, or the completion of creative projects. Call upon the golden energy of Archangel Uriel for ideas and creativity. With Uriel’s vibration, you will find a connection with Divine order and the universal flow. Affirm: Abundance and prosperity are constantly flowing in my life. There are plenty of people with plenty of money who want the goods or services that I offer.

Safety — Lapis Lazuli, Sweet Marjoram, and Archangel Michael: Lapis Lazuli is a grounding and protective gemstone that can help you activate the courage to embark on your journey to fulfill your dreams and desires while feeling safe and sound. Sweet Marjoram essential oil is beneficial to quell paranoia and to conquer fears so that you can move forward. Archangel Michael is ready to guard and guide us, providing protection upon request. Affirm: I am always safe and protected. I have an entourage of archangels who always have my back!

Love — Watermelon Tourmaline, Rosewood, and Archangel Chamuel: Watermelon tourmaline is helpful when you are ready to increase romance, or attract loyal and caring friends to your life. Rosewood is one of the heart chakra essential oils that amplifies your willingness to allow love in your life. Inhale rosewood essential oil and decide to accept love in all areas of your life. Invite Archangel Chamuel to help you develop a new romantic relationship or the rekindling of an existing one. Affirm: I am grateful for my fantastic significant other, presently known or unknown. I allow love. I have the best friends!

Health — Ruby, Lemongrass, and Archangel Ariel: With ruby in hand, make it your intention to take specific steps to improve your endurance and overall health. Lemongrass is very uplifting and is a great deodorizer. Employ lemongrass to relieve achy joints, lower high blood pressure, and to kill germs. Call on Archangel Ariel to amplify your intention to renew your passion for living a vibrant life. Affirm: Vital life force flows vibrantly through me. I am strong and healthy. I am grateful for my energetic passion for life!

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Margaret Ann Lembo
Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing and The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones. Find out more about The Crystal Garden Brand medical grade essential oils and all of her books at and



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