Forgiveness: Transforming the Past, Layer by Layer


Inside every human being is an innocent child, the child who trusts that his or her soul is really immortal and Mother Father God is true and loving.

Layer by layer of separation between you and Oneness with God and God’s Creation has been deposited on your powerful soul. The innocent child within your heart, the child you may not even remember, begins to become lost in the fight to find a place in life on Earth. Gradually, the outer chaos of the visible and tangible world takes over, and life becomes one reaction after another.

When your soul chose your Earth family, you agreed to wear their layers of separation as well as those created from your own experiences. Whether this is your biological family or adoptive family, you agreed to believe in many of the family’s concepts about how the world operates and how you are expected to function in this world. Before you were even born, you accepted your family’s programming of caretaking of your physical, mental and emotional bodies, and you agreed to transform all neglect, denial and fear contributing to this programming.

Life, since the moment of your birth, has been showing you what you believe about yourself and how you need to change these limitations and set your soul free again. As you do this for yourself, you set your family of origin free, as well.

The process of transformation is complete when you are no longer living in your past or attached and reacting to any experience in your present.

We invite you to look at all situations you find yourself reacting to and ask the questions, “Does this feel familiar to me? Have I been here before?” We ask you to go back to your childhood, as far back as you can go and as deep as your psyche will allow. Far and deep, and here is where you release, transform and forgive.

Subconscious memories, memories from your past, will surface up to your conscious awareness, and here you can visualize the colors of your chakras and work with angel energy to set the child in your heart free. As the subconscious clears, the very deep subconscious cellular memories rise to the subconscious and may begin to show up in your dreams. With continued gentleness and patience, these cellular memories will surface to your conscious awareness, so again, you can visualize the colors of your chakras and work with our power to clear away each layer of separation between you and God.

We ask you to say often, “I Am one with God.”

We offer both a visualization for those who enjoy their imagination and a physical/emotional exercise for those who prefer working with feeling and for whom imagery is difficult. For working with angel power, inner vision is not required, just intention to heal and free your vessel from fear. Know you are working with God’s energy in the way that is for your greatest good!

Freeing God’s Child
Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Repeat until you are peaceful. Close your eyes, and imagine you enter your heart chakra. This sanctuary is emerald green and open. Say, “I Am opening.” Look in this sacred space for your little child. Is your child hiding and bruised? Is your child ready to embrace you?

With all your will, send love to your child and ask for forgiveness. Shower your child with violet fire raindrops to begin to wash away the separation between you.

Ask this child to bring you all the hurting faces from your entire past, including past incarnations and hurting adult faces from this life. Bring these faces of you home into your heart. Shower each one with violet light and say, “We are one with God. I Am home again.”

Allow God’s Child to be the guide of your life, and begin by traveling to your past. With each scene that appears on your mental screen, throw a violet Fire fireball and say, “I Am releasing. I Am transforming. I Am forgiving.” Imagine that you stand together under a healing waterfall in a rainbow of all the chakra colors.

Ask your guardian angels (yes, you have more than one guardian angel) to show you where you gave your power over to fear in this life. Reclaim your power from when you were a child, an adolescent, young adult, and adult. Feel the truth within: you are one with God.

Ask your child to show you where you learned to devalue your human self, where you bought fear’s illusion that humans are less than God. Say often, “I Am God, fully human. I Am human, fully God.”

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Belinda J. Womack
Belinda Womack, a scientist by training, has been working with the 12 Archangels for the past 25 years supporting humanity with Angelic wisdom. Her book, Lessons from the 12 Archangels: Divine Intervention in Daily Life, offers ways to transform the wounds trapped within the deep subconscious that block us from experiencing positive change. To learn more about Belinda, her online and audio classes, or to schedule a private session, visit


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