From the Editor: Lest we forget…


It is very easy, in fact too easy, to get caught up in the sensationalism that is growing exponentially in the media. Corporate conglomerates who control the media are interested in only one thing: viewership. Increased viewership = more advertising = higher profit.

A news broadcast recently revealed a disturbing trend that more people than ever before are getting their news via social media. The problem what that picture is that you cannot trust what you read on Facebook, because those who post viral posts disguised as news are only interested in one thing: viewership.

We’ve come to the point in which the number of eyes viewing a given news item is more important than the news itself. That has led us to where we are now, finding it more and more difficult to find accurate, truthful news is as it is intertwined with the end of Brangelina, cute pets, what animals would look like if they had no neck and superheroes — all wrapped around 24/7 coverage of terrorism, people getting killed by police (791 so far this year, according to The Guardian) and the responding protestors.

What’s even more discouraging is the failing of the fourth estate to adequately serve as an independent checks and balances to government.

And that doesn’t even begin to address the news that corporations don’t want you see. Censorship is something we’re all opposed to, but when the news media decides it doesn’t want you to see something and doesn’t view it, we don’t know what it is we’re not being shown.

The media is just one of many institutions that will collapse and rebuild in these changing times.

Lest we forget, we came into these bodies at this time to participate in this grand upheaval, an experiment to see if we can consciously raise the spiritual vibration of planet Earth.

Such transformation is not easy. It requires a personal metamorphosis to adapt to higher dimensional frequencies, and that is already occurring. All of us can identify friends or family members whose consciousness has shifted.

When we are accepting of all humans as equals, then we will know the transformation is well on its way. And when profit is no longer the measuring stick of success, then we will know the transformation is well on its way.

Until then, hang on for the ride and do all you can to create the new way forward!


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