Gabriel, Circle of Light


A channeling…

I am Gabriel. There is an angel among you, within you, in every one of you. In your greatest vibrations and hopes, in your ambition and your dreams, you may find him or her emerging from you when you gaze upon your child or another’s — and when you gaze upon yourself with the greatest compassion that you can muster.

In your darkest hour, in your time of need, you find this angel within you. And many of you reach for the heavens — the other realms — to bring forth this Divine energy to your lives that you might find your way in the darkness led by the light of an angel.

And so some of you wonderfully, innocently venture forth into this darkness hoping and praying that the light that you are following and feeling is the correct one — the one that shall lead you to your destiny. And while others tell you that your journey itself is more important than your destiny, for some beautiful strange reason, you cannot seem to accept this. For the fruition, the completion, is far more important at times to you than the process. Ah, the process — the one of healing.

You say to yourselves when you are ill that you are ill, that you are diseased. And yet, your beautiful and sacred vessels that you refer to as your bodies are doing their very best to recover and to heal, to become your highest self, to reveal the angel within you. It is often said in these gatherings that the painter, the sculptor, the visionary Michelangelo, never turned a piece of stone into an angel — that he simply released the angel from the stone. And that was his art — to reveal, to take away what was unnecessary to protect. And what are you protecting?

The most beautiful, strong and powerful version of yourself lies within the rock — and you are venturing forth through your lives, little by little, allowing yourself to be released. You seek entertainment, fulfillment of desires, partnership, work — all of these things to help release you so that you might be seen and heard for the beautiful one that you are.

All you’ve ever wanted from this life is to be loved. And everything you do is in that fashion. What about these entanglements within you? What in the past is holding you, gripping you in your own fear and preventing you from attaining the vibration that you were born with?

You begin to lose this as the years go by and as the body mass increases, and you are weighed down more and more. What is occurring? Is it beyond your control? Indeed, it is not a matter of control at all but simply recognition of your true self and allowing it to be — allowing your anger to subside, allowing forgiveness and compassion to lead you.

But you feel in many ways that you are not honoring yourselves if you are forgiving others, that you are not honoring your truth if you are showing compassion when you do not desire to have it. We know this is a difficult one to accept, but your compassion is best for everyone, including yourself. It is best that you have known those you know, and those you shall meet in your future.

Indeed, everyone is in this ocean with you. We are with you. Of this, there is no doubt. In the very center of your beings, you know you are not alone — even when you are angry and feel so, and even when you are depressed….

Something within you knows you are not alone — that your God, your Force, your Universal connection to this infinite love and intelligence is omnipresent. Whether you are in a religious organization or not, in your deepest heart of hearts you know that you are all one.

Let this year become a time of togetherness, laughter and, indeed, ascension for all of you.

Many are taking the prophecy that this is the year in which you must transform yourself, that you must get further, that time is running out. It is not. You are being too hard on yourselves. If love is not the reason — the ultimate final reason that you are doing everything that you do — then perhaps you must take a break, reassess and recalibrate exactly what you are, whom you are, what you are doing here. And your sense of time shall change. Have you noticed the days are going slowly, and yet very quickly they are disappearing? Time itself is changing.

For those of you who feel that time does not exist, we understand this. But you are living in a Living School where time allows you to measure many things. It is not for you to fight against it, just for you to peacefully accept and know that the ravages of time are things that are unnecessary for you to experience. Your perceptions are everything. This you know. But you all forget this. Often you forget.

I have come this evening to say that you all are forgiven, encouraged and loved, supported, believed in, and thought of as beautiful. Seen and heard. Bless You.

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Riz Mirza
Riz Mirza is a full-trance channel who holds Circle of Light gatherings every Tuesday night in his home with his wife, Oriah Mirza. His main message bearer is Chief Red Eagle. He is also a Psychic Medium, and he shares his insights and visions during his one-on-one private readings, psychic workshops, retreats to Costa Rica and India, and psychic cruises. He has been compared to Jane Roberts, Edward Casey and Esther Hicks in his powerful, clear connection to Spirit from people who were personally devoted to their work. Riz has held over 600 circles worldwide. He is the author of Red Eagle Speaks. Visit


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