Messages from the Angels


The following is a message from the angels: Humanity is as divinely created as the angels are. Embrace that.

There is an angel for everything — Kabbalah angels, Hindu angels and angels for your clothesline. THAT is why we are so prevalent in every philosophy and theology. We all stem from the same source.

We are soldiers of light and look to bring balance, harmony and love. This is what we fight for the hardest and champion the most!

Our wings allow us to work interdimensionally, so don’t get stuck in your one-dimensional way of us assisting you. Allow us to use all of the resources we can. Don’t expect things to manifest only in your way.

We try to assist you by: singing to you and raising your vibration, as well as by giving you “goose bumps”and shivers as a validation when you’re really on to something! We’ll also give you flashes of light in your third eye for confirmation. We insist on you embracing your beautiful humanity, through acceptance and embracing the Divine within, for each one of you has a bit of Spirit inside of you. So, when you want to “go there,” in deep introspection, you can “come home” to find balance.

Although we are God’s soldiers and warriors, we don’t want to scare you. However, we aren’t the “fluffy” beings often portrayed in your artwork. No task is too big or too small for us to intervene. We have different “troops ” for all tasks!

Sometimes, when we can’t work with you directly, we send an “Earth angel,” someone of the physical plane to intervene on our behalf. Although we can jump through time and space, sometimes you need to hear or see something from your own realm. We’ll even send fairies or nature elements, if needed, as they are our cousins.

To connect with us, remove doubt and fear (as those are ego driven) and put your trust in the Divine. Because we are warriors of God/Goddess, we need to know that you put your full trust in the Divine in everything and that your motives are pure! We need to know that you’re ready to do whatever is necessary to receive your “gift” from us. No commitment is too much or too burdensome.

Humble yourself, be open to all possibilities, and remember that we are the miracle makers and all resources of Heaven and Earth are at our disposal!

Your way may not be (and most likely isn’t) the only way. Keeping an open mind is paramount in working with us, the beings of light!

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Tiffany Johnson
Tiffany Johnson is an internationally known psychic, medium, speaker, healer and teacher. Her growing personal practice, based out of Minnesota, is a testament to her talents and willingness to educate the public on topics of the New Age. Further, as a favored guest on various radio shows throughout the Midwest, she gives a humorous, yet honest, perspective on all metaphysical topics. She can be reached via her website,, or call 612.272.2561.



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