Morning Time with my Angels


Every morning after a nice meditation, I make time to commune with those I call my “Team of Love,” my lovely angels. As I replay the events of the day and what I have planned for the day to come, I feel their presence, eagerly listening to every word I say — what loving support!

It is so easy to connect to these lovely celestial beings, for all they ask is that we open our hearts and believe in them. I often feel them as a whisper, a quiet thought, sometimes a sparkle of bright lights all around me.

And the angels love to help us! Oftentimes I will simply say, “Angels, could you please help me find a good deal…” on whatever it is I need to buy. And they are really great shoppers!

Other times they are there to help me through the challenges of life — comforting and soothing, guiding me when I just can’t seem to find my way. The beauty of their loving help is that they will send wonderful advice and guidance, but then step back to allow me to navigate the sometimes rolling seas of life in the way that I choose. But so many times their words have been instrumental in helping me to live a life of much more joy, peace and love.

Love is the angel’s favorite word, no doubt! The words that I hear the most from them are to “follow my heart” and “love always responds to love.”

And once you open up to communing with your own personal Team of Love, I can guarantee you that they will be so eager to help you in their angelic ways, always by your side and never leaving.

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Kathy Parkin
Kathy Parkin has gone through many life changes these past few years, including the time she lived in Portland, Ore., learning to create life on her own terms. She is now back in her birthplace of Minnesota to be closer to family. She finds that life is full of many wonderful chosen adventures, and also some unexpected adventures, but it is all so good. Contact her at [email protected].


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