The Angelic Realm


Angels are all around us, assisting with our daily lives, as well as helping us remember who we are in the sight of the Creator. Do you hear them? Do you acknowledge their messages? Or would you, like so many others, like to be more open to receiving directly from them?

Finding balance in our earthly realm is a difficult task for the modern human. Bombardment of media, schedules that overwhelm and chemical additives in our food affect the bodies in which our souls live. With barriers such as these, many choose to receive the gift of reaching through the modern-day fog and connect to their angels by consulting with an intuitive channel, such as myself.

When I am doing a reading for a person and angels wish to communicate, I utilize the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance. Additionally, the intensity with which they are delivered helps me know the level of importance or degree of impact this issue is having on the person’s life. If the lessons are intense ones, saints will also appear and assist around the crown chakra. They, too, will also help with the discovery process of reconciliation.

As the archangels manifest themselves, I may see them as a projected human form, but most often I see them as pillars of energy. These blessed sentinels of light take specific posts during readings. They always appear in the same area around all people.

The more intense and larger the energy, the greater the importance this issue is for the person. Next, I am shown parts of the person’s life that need time and attention — and reconciliation. I may see the child, the young adult, adult, or a past life. The archangels then direct me to speak on their behalf regarding specific remedies. In my experience, their energy is nurturing and yet firm. They instill compassion on all, comforting us as we learn and grow.

The angels and archangels are fun loving. Sometimes during meditations or readings, I experience them joking with each other. Whether out and about, or working one on one, the angels and archangels appear everywhere to me. Amazingly, many of my friends and I are not even surprised anymore when I am directed to walk up to a complete stranger, introduce myself, and quietly pronounce that I have a message for them from one of the angels. Usually stunned, they gratefully accept and voice their amazement at having received a message containing such accurate and timely information.

You can be a recipient of such messages from the angelic realm. They are with us all the time.

Delivering readings is a gift from Creator for which I have been blessed for decades. Increasing my skills and understanding the meaning of my gifts was not an overnight education. To increase your communication skills with the angelic realm, begin your day by openly affirming your intention and desire to receive messages. Give thanks in advance for any assistance you might receive during the day. You may hear a song or feel as though you are receiving an intuitive message.

Finally, acknowledge the hunches and nudges, the intuitive feelings you receive throughout your day. At first, you may find that inklings are small. Increasingly, with more confirmation, you and your angels will enjoy the relationship that Creator intended.

These beings of the higher order are working together to help heal the universe and all that is in it. Be aware, we all have gifts to help in the healing process. They are about joy, happiness, love and light. Open up, heal, and bring these aspects to your daily life. Getting us there is one of their directives, and I am here to help!

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Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith, also known as Rev. Kev, received the name Absolute Journey while meditating in nature. His commission to assist others on their journeys, their spiritual paths, is done through personal consultations, workshops and recorded lessons and messages at Contact Rev. Kev at 402.310.4399 or [email protected].


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