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I am a working entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. I’ve written eBooks, sold products online, and I’ve even helped students earn money online, but recently I started a clothing line called I Am Awear. The message behind this brand is self-awareness, designed for those who believe in the power of thought and feeling.

Now, as the creator of this brand I definitely blame my efforts and accomplishments on my predominant thoughts. With little research, one can find countless convincing and proven research on how all humans are the creators of their own reality. This does not mean that they created the world that exists around them, it means that they create their own experiences within the world around them. What you see, who you meet, what you feel, all harmonious situations and problematic dilemmas are ultimately created by you through your beliefs and feelings, starting with your thoughts and your mind.

Based on my experience, I would like to say that I “know”rather than “believe” this to be true, but I don’t want to fall into an argument with those who disagree. In reality, no one can tell you what to believe. However, allow me at least to share my perspective.

We all know there is truth in all subjects in life. You know why you’re reading this article. You know why you have the job that you have. We live on a planet that has universal laws. If you can’t swim, you will drown in deep water, and if you lie down in a fire, you will burn. Everything that happens in this world is pretty logical. But when it comes to our lives, or just life in general, we begin to fall back, neglecting to question our circumstances or the circumstances of others. We think that the other person is just lucky, or unlucky, like, “Awe, poor guy,” or, “Hey, that’s life.” But who are you to say what life is when you’re still questioning your own life, asking yourself questions like “Why is this happening to me?”

Life is not random or spontaneous — it’s logical in all aspects. My theory is not spectacular — it’s logical and it involves the iPhone. I’m going to share it at the end of this article and I want you to try it. Before I jump right into the theory, certain aspects of life need to be explained allowing you to give a fair opinion. Please read on.

Created by you
If you do not believe that your experience here on Earth is created by you, just take a look at your childhood — the early days when you didn’t know anything and you just took your parents’ word for it. Try to look at your family, your culture, all the rules and opinions that you adopted throughout your life. Your relationships and attitude might reflect those of your parents. Your humor and many other characteristics probably reflect someone or something you have been exposed to since you were a child.

Now think about a time when you found out something new about the world, something that you learned from someone else. Your perspective changed and now you see the world differently, correct? If you examine your past, you can see how it influenced your character and beliefs and even the way you thought. It’s simply because of the way you were raised.

Early on, your brain stores information like a computer with no anti-virus software making it difficult to reject information. Initially, you’re willing to download anything anyone tells you to download. As we grow, we learn to think for ourselves, we learn to reject false information, or we do our own research to find the truth. Overall, we become a little more logical.

Now, you know that Santa and the Tooth Fairy aren’t real. Nevertheless, we still see millions of humans all over the world believing in something that someone has told them to believe in. People will pray to statues, bowing down to an object that another human built with his hands. Once again, before you jump down my throat, I’m not telling you what is wrong and what is right. I am only trying to give my perspective leading up to a theory that I came up with at work one morning. We constantly see it all over the world, multiple people following someone else. Maybe it’s the pope, maybe it’s Hitler, maybe it’s Martin Luther King Jr., maybe it’s Justin Bieber or Jesus. We know the human mind can be coerced into believing anything!

A different perspective
I am not here to challenge religion, but with that said, take this for example: I was raised to believe in Jesus and the biblical scriptures, and to take these stories literally. I thought that a man walked on water (not saying that he did or didn’t, or that he even existed) and I believed it. Now, if these stories in the Bible were not shared with me until today, I would have to dispute them or be extremely skeptical of their truth.

I’m not challenging anything here, I’m simply being logical. I’m not against anything or anyone’s beliefs, because I understand the concept of the mind and how it works, so it’s impossible to call someone dumb for believing what they believe — especially if it helps them get by in everyday life.

However, it is wrong to dismiss a different perspective. We must at least have an open mind. Don’t build walls in your mind. If you wonder what’s behind a door and it’s unlocked, just open it and look. Don’t say that you don’t care about what’s behind the door or that it doesn’t matter. Everything is matter, therefore everything matters.

The truth is that there is a truth; there is truth in everything somewhere. When people say, “Hey man, that’s just life,” or, “It is what it is,” they may not understand the truth about life, because the truth is that “you are what it is” — you choose your lanes in every second of your waking life, through your thoughts. Your thoughts accumulate and become potent beliefs, the most powerful operating at subconscious levels and affecting your next choices.

All in your head
We know that people from every walk of life have experienced fame and abundance, no matter how unfortunate their early lives were, or how society perceived them. Another common quote is, “It’s all in your head.” It actually is all in your head, it being your entire outer experience.

Every successful person says something along the lines of, “Just believe, man.” It’s true: Believe in what you want to believe about yourself. Your life has no choice but to mirror your beliefs, because your experience on this Earth is your mental reflection. The quote, “The world is yours,” is famous for a reason. The world around you is literally yours.

And the iPhone you may be using to read this is literally your stat sheet of almost all your internal elements and the reality that you experience on the outside. Why? Because you carry it with you everywhere you go and enter into it: your thoughts, your memories, your views, your perceptions, your beliefs, your love, your hate, your disappointments, your celebrations, your worries, and so on.

My theory
So, now I’d like to introduce my theory to anyone who has been using an iPhone for over two years. If we agree that your mind is the reason for your experiences in life, we can stop blaming our upbringing, the government, your boss, fate, fortune, God or the devil. Externalizing cause is a habit we must abandon as self-defeating and sickening. Yes, even your physical health is caused by your accumulation of subconscious beliefs, which can be terribly difficult to accept, as it suggests that if you catch, say, acute bronchitis, it’s your fault!

But the word is not fault — it is cause. No blame or judgment is appropriate, because your most potent beliefs grow in your shadows and your mind usually has no idea of its own potent powers. Your thoughts become you. Your feelings follow you. Your beliefs build up around you. Perhaps you are wondering: if it’s true that we get what we focus on, why do we get so much of what we don’t want? That’s because we often focus most passionately on what we don’t want, and our personal universe always grants our greatest passions.

That is so important to understand. So if you wish for a million dollars but despair at your poverty, which of those two passions will manifest? A wish is merely a wish; it doesn’t have a lasting effect on the mind. Despair is much more real and lasting, so your misfortunes in life may continue.

When you feel
Now, if this all makes sense to you, at least just a little, think about this: in today’s age, when you feel something like love, hate or jealousy, you probably enter it into your phone. It’s probably in an application somewhere, whether it’s a recently liked picture on Instagram, a tweet, maybe it’s in an email or a text that you have sent.

How many times have we heard someone say, “If I lose my phone, I’ll lose my mind” or “…my phone is my life”? We know that no two minds are alike, in the same way that no two phones are alike. Remember this. It’s a huge point, because to make this theory plausible we must compare our minds to a device that is unique to each and every user — and the iPhone fits this description.

When you ordered your iPhone, it arrived just like all the others, containing only the information that Steve Jobs thought was important, like the clock. But once you pick it up and start entering things into it, it becomes unique. Have you ever noticed how people look mindless when they stare at their phones? Why is that? Because they are simply reviewing their mind uploaded onto a silicon, metal and glass block.

Sometimes I’ll pick up my phone, scroll, browse, and get nothing done. It’s like reviewing — there’s nothing to think about at that point, so we look thoughtless as we stare with this blank face. Now, would you ever let anyone go through your phone, your texts, emails, photos and everything else? I’m assuming the answer is no. Would you ever let anyone go through your mind, all your thoughts and feelings? Probably not, because it’s the same thing.

I want you to try this: Go through the last 10 texts you sent, your last 10 photos, your last 10 posts on social networks, your last 10 Google searches and your last 10 emails. That, my friend, is exactly who you are.

Take control
Hopefully this was a little enlightening for you. Before you go, I want to show you the most painfully destructive level of creation-belief: you’re not the creator of your life, but a victim of circumstance. You blame your condition on something other than yourself: God, the stars, fate, birth, parents, lovers, the government, accidents, sickness, the police. Living like this means you never stood a chance. You are inherently worthless. You are a victim and life is a torment.

Don’t be that person. Take control of your mind, plant some good seeds, then take your iPhone and when you’re staring at it, look at it as if you’re reviewing your mind. Start sharing some love in that thing, as you will be staring at it all day tomorrow and the day after, and for ever more. See if your life changes a little. I don’t know if it will.

Don’t expect anything, just try it.

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Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall is a working entrepreneur from Hamilton, Ontario, who recently started a clothing line called I Am Awear. Recording artist Rihanna has been seen wearing the Camo Thinking Cap, and his hats sell out in Brimz Hat Boutique in Toronto every month. Contact him at [email protected].


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