Three Secret Messages from the Angels


“I want to get a message from the angels!” This is a question I often get from clients and customers alike. Angels leave messages for all of us all the time. It’s simply up to us to notice and receive them.

Here are three signs from angels:

  • Feathers — Feathers are just one of many ways to strengthen that connection to the angelic realm. Each feather found is a message just for you. The message can become more detailed by noticing the color of the feather! Found a white feather? You are being sent the message of love, support and they are acknowledging your requests. These are the most common ones to find. Which is perfect, who couldn’t use the reminder of how much they are loved daily? Found a black or gray one? They have noticed how you like to hide your desires; desperately trying to mold yourself to fit in. This can even signify how much you hide! Hiding your gifts, your blessings that are meant to be shared with the world, no matter how unusual they may seem. Feathers of these colors remind you that it is time for you to shine and fly your freak flag high! How about a blue feather? That is Archangel Michael’s way of reminding you that he is ever present in your life. This may be a bit of a nudge to express your true voice more often; no need to lie oe stay mute any longer. Michael is akin to the perfect big brother; first one to tease, first one to protect, first one to remind you how great you are. Have you ever found an orange feather? This is definitely from Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel oversees your sacral chakra; the area around your navel. He has left you a message to stay true to yourself in creative outlets. Perhaps you’ve been yearning to step out of the box and get started in a new adventure. This is a sure sign to go and try it!
  • Number Sequences — Do number sequences ever catch your attention? Do they seem to follow you around, always popping up? This is another time-honored way that the angels connect with you. The most common number associated with the angelic realm is 4. It’s become so embedded in angelic lore, and nobody really knows the true reason of why or how it began. Ever notice the time 4:44? This is a gift; take the rest of that minute and focus on one area that you are grateful for. It’s more difficult to do that than it seems — and even more powerful. Why is that? Humans have the attention span of a gnat and it can be difficult to focus on something for 60 seconds. Why gratitude? The more that essence infiltrates your being, the more you allow yourself to receive what is desired.
  • The Number 4 — Suffice it to say that anytime you see the number four, or a group of four of the same thing — perhaps four feathers, four clouds, four pieces of paper — it is a strong message from the angels to pay attention. If it is a group of four, ask yourself what that object means to you. It adds depth to what the angels are attempting to tell you. To use the examples here, feathers can be a bit of a wing slap to jump into the angelic realm more fully with a class or an authorization course. Clouds could mean it is time for you to take a bit of your day to dream of your future. Imagining how life will be, perhaps it’s a nudge to do a vision board. Paper? Been thinking of writing? Or it could be some filing is in order — or time to clear the clutter. Endless possibilities exist for each message. Ask the angels and one will sink in more firmly than the others.

You see, angels do offer up messages daily. It is just up to us to notice them, spend time with the message to unveil its meaning for you.

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Christine Alexandria
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