Walking with My Angels


One of my favorite things to do is to take a walk in the park. Although it appears that I’m alone, I’m really not. A number of angels are always with me. I don’t remember when I first started having conversations with my angels, but it was at least 10 years ago while taking a walk. I started by mentally asking the universe a question and was surprised to get an answer back. I continued on a sporadic basis and always got answers, but not always the answers I was expecting. It didn’t take me long to realize it was my angels who were speaking.

The park I like to go to most has a sidewalk surrounding it. A normally paced walk takes me about a half hour from start to finish. I begin with a prayer of gratefulness to God, Archangel Michael and Archangel Rafael, all my other angels, spirit guides, runners and helpers. Sometimes I won’t ask any questions and will just walk, appreciating my surroundings. Other times I will silently talk about a challenge in my life. For instance, I might say, “My sister recently sent me an email that when she dies she’s donating her house to charity. I am disappointed because I thought she would will it to me, her only family.” An angel will then respond saying, “Your sister can do whatever she wants with her house. It’s not your due. It may not be right, but let it go.” I’m always satisfied with the angels’ advice, as I know it is based on truth.

Like humans, the angels have different personalities. One angel in particular is very sarcastic. I kid with her when she talks to me. She’s been with me the entire time I’ve been communicating with angels. There are softer, sweeter angels too. I don’t have names for any of them, but that doesn’t seem important as their voices tell me who they are. I know it’s an angel responding to me and not my own thoughts, because I can hear or feel their voices; they use words I don’t normally use and they often interrupt me.

As I walk around the park, I might talk about several things. My next question might be, “Did I do the right thing by changing doctors?” and the response from one of my angels is, “Yes, absolutely.”

I can also ask for help from my angels relating to a specific situation. And the right angels will be sent. If I’m nervous about taking a test, I will ask and get help with that. They also give me ideas on things I could do to improve many aspects of my life.

When I want to know how my son and his family are doing, since they moved to Georgia, I’m usually told “They’re doing fine.” Or I might ask why my mother was so cruel to me and get the reply, “Your mother didn’t feel loved as a child and did her best for you even though it wasn’t good enough in many ways.” No question is off limits.

There is a certain place in the park toward the end of my walk that beckons me to stop and say a special prayer. There are several large, beautiful trees there with the sky peeking through. On a beautiful autumn day, nothing more beautiful. On a dreary day, I remind myself that there is bright blue sky behind the gray clouds. I always get such a peaceful feeling there and say another prayer of thankfulness before walking on.

My angels are asking me to tell you that I’m not special when it comes to angels. Your angels are with you, too, and you have the same ability as me. You just have to take the first step and then continue to talk with them. It’s like anything else: it gets easier the more you practice it.

Take the time to develop a relationship with your angels – they’re always there for you — your best forever friends!

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Melodee Currier
Melodee Currier lives in Dublin, Ohio, with her husband. She left corporate America in 2008 where she was an intellectual property paralegal. Since then she has devoted her time to writing and has had three eBooks and numerous articles published on a wide variety of topics.  Her articles can be read at www.melodeecurrier.com.


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