When Angels Speak, are You Listening? An Angelic HGTV Makeover


Among the guides that have been talking to me since childhood, angels are by far the loudest. As I talk about them, I can hear them giggling because they know the experiences I share about them are full of magic and they love it when I spread stories of their magic in the human world.

The story of how HGTV provided me with a free home makeover is one of their favorites because they know how happy it makes me, and they love how spreading the miracles they give helps others to connect to them. Here is the story of how angels and HGTV gave me an $80,000 makeover — for free.

Sitting in the quiet one day, I was pondering how I would love to make our house cozier. You see, I purchased our house prior to meeting my husband. What I noticed was that with every room we painted together, every tile we laid or every flower we planted, “my house” became “our house.” It felt amazing to be building a home together. This amazing feeling is what anchored my wish to make our living room a more welcoming place to relax and host guided meditations for our family and friends.

I started adding up the costs of what we dreamed of doing to our living room, and the mountain of money that it would take: new carpet for living room and dining room, knock down a load-bearing wall to reveal a staircase; new fireplace wall; painting; furnishings; new electrical and lighting. The list went on. It would be expensive and probably would need to happen over the next three years, in stages.

In my heart, it was something that I really wanted and, in that moment, it was like I was begging for a way to have it happen. I felt complete helplessness. Then all of a sudden I heard three sweet little voices say, “Someone will do it for you!” Have you ever seen those photos of cherub angels? That is what these voices sounded like. The sound of the voices was very playful, sincere and sweet. I am open to receiving messages from angels and, in the past, I have experienced conversations with angels, guides, deceased relatives, etc. — but these three little voices were new and I knew right away that I liked them.

What do you do when little angel voices tell you that someone will remodel your house for you? I asked, “Okay, How!?!” Suddenly in my mind’s eye, I saw the Google box. This was my queue to go to the internet and open the Google site. Once opened and ready, I asked, “Now what?” and the angels said playfully, “You know….”

With no thought in my head, my hands just started typing: Minneapolis, Home, Makeover, and Casting. It was a strange moment when the mind was dead silent, but my body was automatically moving. A page of websites was revealed with those four magical words. Within the search results, I clicked on a link for a local television production company. Under their casting page, I saw that they were looking for people who wanted to “surprise their spouse with a room remodel at little or no cost.” It was a new television show and they were casting for their first season.

“Yes! (I was talking to the website), how did you know that this is exactly what I would love to do!?!”

Within 20 minutes I had submitted a super-secret application. It was super-secret because I could not tell my husband that I was even applying for this opportunity — hence the whole point of the show, “Surprising Your Spouse.” Fast-forward eight amazing weeks later and the process of my home makeover was complete. (See photo)

Do you want to know the secret to receiving angel miracles? If I tell you, you have to promise to use it! The secret is this: The more we share our miracles, the more miracles multiply. This secret is one of my favorite laws of the Universe. It took me four trips to India to receive this secret and now it is yours. I do hope you use it — after all, who doesn’t love an angelic miracle?


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