A Pleiadian Message: A Rapid Shift of Awakening is Nigh


Beloved ones, we greet you. We hold each one of you as you unfold into the light that you are.

Change is upon you on Earth. In these upcoming months, a surging of dimensional shifts will create disorientation within your systems as you adjust to a repositioning in your DNA strands. The energy of your Earth’s magnetic core will begin to rotate to a different pulse, and this will align you to the expanded collective conscious energy that exists within the Universal realms. This collective energy of Oneness is designed to open through many hearts, bringing individuals the opportunity of letting go on a deep level within themselves, and simultaneously beginning to glimpse their interconnection to all life force.

The stage is being set for a rapid shift of awakening on your planet. All is in hand. All is in position for a new force of light to open through those of you on the path. A strong form of dimensional light is opening up through your planet on an energetic level, and that will make possible a deeper engagement with the spiritual realms. Your individual spiritual development during this phase will be able to accelerate through this new energetic backdrop developing on Earth, unfolding over the next months leading into the New Year.

Lifting of veils
Through this energetic shift, you will witness the lifting of many veils that will reveal Truths to humanity. This unveiling will provide humankind with a profound base, a foundation upon which you will have a new potential and energy to Source. This energy will have a nutritional aspect to feed your spirit, your heart — enabling each one of you to begin to source and open into receiving what has always been yours through your natural heritage.

This frequency light, an element of the divine, is to be interwoven within all life force on your planet. This divine light will move within the heart structure, strongly impacting all of you, through this changed energetic backdrop. These energetic changes will support you in being able to consciously access and utilize your natural sacred connections.

Your own physical heart will go through a major transition through these new energetic revelations, allowing you to work with the elevated energies of your sacred Self. Through this repositioning of your DNA, you will be able to perceive more of who are in reality. It will be like suddenly understanding a deeper Truth of Self and your place within all life force. You will glimpse your self and be able to orientate yourself differently within your world.

Assisting you
The spiritual realms, the Light Beings, Masters and Angels will be present to assist you at this transitional time. They will be working with your individual spaces, holding you energetically as you birth. All these energies from the spiritual realms of light are designed to support you to move and navigate yourself differently as these dynamic changes of energy take place within your environment on Earth.

Mother Mary will play a powerful role with those of you who reach out to her. Her profile on the planet has changed at this juncture. She will now work closely with many of you, being readily open to building personal connections to all who engage with her. She comes to the planet in a new way for each one of you. She carries the love of the Holy Mother. Many of us need deep healing within our hearts. She brings the love to enable you to open up to the necessary changes within, enabling you to open into a powerful state of receivership for your human self.

Receive the love
This is a time for resolution within you, to receive the love from the source of the mother that is pure and unclouded, enabling each one of you to choose to bring that healing, loving element to yourself. Self-acceptance at this time is essential. It is necessary so that you can begin to move closer to your own human connection. Let go and move into this self-loving element and open into a deep state of receiving that is here for you to embrace now.

This process is part of a sacred destiny that you all need. This love holds a level of nutrition that has been missing in your personal environment. You can open up into a closer connection to Mother Mary, which has been pre-ordained in your personal history. This is your pre-agreement that has been set in place for this time of self-change.

These shifts open you into a new space of receivership within your own heart’s sphere so you can move into the vastness of multidimensional levels of abundance that has always been available to you. The timing of these processes has been specifically designed for your transition, another step to be taken towards your self-resurrection. This design is perfectly timed for you, perfectly lined up for the reconnection to another level of your sacred element. At the same time, you are moving into a transformed relationship with your human level. The stage is set — you get to step forward and claim an aspect of your heritage that is waiting for you.

Fusion of love
A fusion of love, which will be slowly absorbed within your conscious state of awareness, will impact you as you begin to reach forward in this state of receivership. Receivership in action is taking ownership on a conscious level. This means taking the time to fully open and receive what is there for you in the moment. For example, walking in nature and opening into the beauty surrounding you, breathing, receiving that which is in nature. Feeling the warmth of the sun, the wind in your face. Taking the time to receive in your heart the surrounding elements. This is a simple example.

A more difficult process involves taking in the fullness of the love from someone in your life. It’s about being willing to be in the state of receivership of that love. Feel the depth of that love coming into your own heart. Receive the loving actions of another person completely within. How much are you willing to receive?

A large part of receiving is the act of connecting to that which is being given to you, balanced by how much you believe in yourself. How much do you deserve? This is based on your own self-judgment.

The act of gratitude is an important aspect of this process of receivership. The action of receiving involves a change of consciousness regarding your self. This action involves a conscious decision to move back to your Self with love and a deep regard for all that you have been through on your path in this journey of your lifetime. You choose to honor all that you have been through; you begin to take ownership of deserving your love and compassion. A large part of you taking real ownership of your life is accepting your self in this journey. Self-acceptance equals Self-love.

You need to reach out with your conscious awareness, actively seeking that which is yours, claiming ownership of what is yours by way of your birthright.

As these further changes come to Earth, you will be compelled to let go and bring all your focus onto Self. Now is the time to do your work, to prepare for these changes. Open into a state of self-acceptance of all that you are in your humanness. Receive and let go, opening into this state of receivership to enable your own transformation of Self.

More intense drama
As these changes come onto your planet, the third-dimensional drama will intensify and the illusion will be stronger within your lives. This upswing in intensity will build as we enter the New Year with the accelerating energetic shifts. This phase will have challenges, and you are being called to bring all of your focus to your Self, to your heart, during this upheaval time. You can either witness the drama from the stable place within your heart or you can join in the drama, being totally engaged in the illusion through your ego mind.

You are being strongly supported in doing this now. Let go and simply Be. Open into a willingness of allowing your self to be bathed and moved in this new current of light so you can move through the seeming difficulties that are perceived by your ego mind within the illusion. This is your time to shine forth. Bring compassion to your self as you let go.

You are in control and you get to choose! These waves of upheaval will be everywhere, and you will get to consciously choose your experience. This is the time for self-loving action, the time to reach out and be aligned differently within your Self through the support of the spiritual realms.

Building alliances
This is the time to build your alliances through this support. Most importantly, this is the time to open up to your human self, and to begin to forge a connection with your Higher Self. All this is done through the development of aligning through your heart space. Open into your own heart in a state of receivership and develop this alliance with your self through the limitless energy of love that exists within your own heart.

Begin to work with your human element, creating a new relationship based on self-acceptance and your readiness to receive. The work that you do now will hold you steady during the upcoming transition on your planet. There is nothing to fear with these upcoming times. Remember: this process is an illusionary experience, and part of your transition.

There is a frequency sound that you can develop through you that will assist you in creating an alignment with the new energies that will be coming onto the planet. You make the sound that is unlike any other. Your multidimensional heart cells will respond to your sound. As you evolve with the sound and bring it into your heart you can build your ability to fully receive.

Take in the sound as you make it, and receive the bounty that exists within your own heart center. You are your heart. Everything that you desire arises through your heart center. This is where your true power resides. When you align to your heart with this sound, you are repositioned to the very center of your creation energy. This sound will establish your anchor in your heart.

The Process

1. Hold your heart, placing both palms fully resting on your chest.

2. Bring your awareness where you feel the warmth and pressure of your hands.

3. Use the Conscious Breath, place it like a soft wind into your hands, and feel a connection open up with this physical connection.

4. Let go into your heart space. Take a breath again, in and out of the mouth, and let go.

5. Bring in the sound, EE LAE TAH. Open to the sound and direct it into your heart space. Keep bringing the sound in and just be in your experience.

6. Open up your awareness into the space where you find your self. Place another breath, in and out the mouth, into the space. Use the sound again.

7. Keep letting go.

This process is to be developed to build your anchor, and create your heart connection. The sound will grow on an energetic level. This established connection to your heart space will be there for you, as needed, to utilize in your life. When there is drama, you will get to choose your heart space over the panic of your ego mind.

Know that we are with you. We hold you and witness you in your journey. All is in hand. Blessings, The Pleiadians

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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