Connecting to your Spiritual Gifts


Have you ever known something before you should have known it?

For most of us gifted paranormal individuals, we learned at a very early age that we were different than others by what we could see, hear, feel, touch and know about people, things or even God! We may have been laughed or scoffed at for knowing what we knew if we were too young to know some knowledge or had not yet learned about whatever it was.

It is all about our spirit being highly perceptive and knowing. When my granddaughter was about 5 months old, I took her for a walk in her buggy. She looked at me as if saying, “Why are you trying so hard to please me?” I picked this up and thought to myself that her “spirit” was communicating with me and I was picking it up. I said to myself, “Her spirit knows so much before she has had the time to learn here on Earth!”

Having an “all knowing sense” about things that we should not is called “clairvoyance.” I remember being a baby in my crib. I was at the early navigation stage of learning how to move myself to a corner in my crib while being on my stomach. I was hot and sweaty. My hair was wet behind my neck. My mother walked in while I was crying. Instead of picking me up, she left the room. I remember thinking as an infant, “Is she ever going to pick me up?” We all know that a baby at this early stage in life wouldn’t be able to reason as I did.

The word “audience” comes from the word “audio,” which means hearing. If you are an intuitive, you most likely can hear spirits or spirit beings from another realm. If you relay this information to a non-believer, you may be called “crazy or “delusional.”

We are born “tapped-in” to the spiritual world, and that goes far beyond understanding.

When you hear a cracking sound around your windows, spirits are coming in or leaving your residence. People you know may be thinking of you at the time or departed spirits may be visiting you. You may notice that the feelings they leave behind are familiar to you. They can be bad or good. Along with the crackling sound of spirits coming and going from your residence, what you feel at this time is most likely peaceful and soothing. This is a perfect example of sentience. It is a “sensing” of a spirit being who has visited you. It is a real test to know who it was.

Another example of sentience is a situation in which you can feel danger in your heart or stomach, and then your brain is told that something needs attention. A spirit force is giving you a strong clue to beware, escape the situation or environment, call home or act quickly should something arise in your midst. You may find a need to warn another individual and get their name. This warning may come to you through another person or a feeling you get from a dream.

There are many forms of these spiritual gifts, with what I have described being only a few. When you meet other psychics or clairvoyants, you will be able to compare your experiences and learn that they are “paranormal” instances. Meditation always seems to help by putting the feeling with the situation.

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Valerie Landy
Valerie Landy is a psychic/medium/card reader and clairvoyant. She is the published author of FairyTale to Murder by Satin Maize, My Blogs for your Soul, written by a Medium and many other articles written and published in The Edge magazine over the years. She does spiritual readings out of her home office in St. Cloud, MN. Schedule an appointment time directly on her website at or call 320.267.4218.


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