Discovering your Light during Difficult Times


I almost couldn’t believe it — it had happened again! The emergency room doctor told me I had a pulmonary embolism and was in extreme danger. This was my second pulmonary embolism; I experienced my first one in 2005.

A few weeks before the incident in May 2015, I said goodbye to my friends in Minnesota and hopped into a cramped car filled with luggage, boxes and two adorable but protesting cats. I was moving to Georgia along with my husband who was offered a new job opportunity. We set a goal of driving ten hours a day for three days with minimal breaks. After a long and grueling drive, we arrived safely to our new home.

Although I was born with psychic gifts, I did not know I had another difficult journey awaiting me.

A few weeks after arriving at my new home, my spirit guide, Esther, told me that I needed to see a doctor very soon. At first, I pushed this thought to the back of my mind, but soon I began to develop chest pain and my breathing was labored. One evening, I sat down on the sofa and suddenly I heard my deceased brother-in-law, John, tell me, “Well, I’ll see ya soon!”

Then I heard my deceased mother-in-law, Doris, gently say, “Go to the hospital now, dear, you’re having another lung clot.” I immediately acted on this advice and a CAT scan confirmed another pulmonary embolism. The doctor was amazed, and yet perplexed, that I knew it was a lung clot. He said I caught the blood clot right in time. I simply smiled and said, “Oh, I just knew.”

I thanked my guides for saving my life.

Many psychic friends from Minnesota sent long-distance healing and soon I felt better. During the hospital stay I sensed white light and a loving and strong vibration being sent to me. The energy penetrated my chest and radiated throughout my body. The pain I was experiencing diminished without the need of medications. I healed more quickly than the normal recovery time for a lung clot.

I want to thank my psychic friends for helping me heal completely. My psychic gifts kept me safe during those dark times, and they are keeping me safe now.

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