Psychic School 101: Crystal Balls


Crystal balls have been used for centuries to help attune and balance the mind, body and spirit and to enhance psychic ability.

Using a clear quartz crystal ball is a form of divination also referred to as scrying. This type of divination can also be created by gazing at water in a bowl, gazing into a still lake or pond, gazing into a pool of ink, or by gazing into a mirror or other reflective surface.

Divination in this manner was used by the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Greeks and throughout Europe. Two of the most famous scryers of this type were John Dee, the astrologer to Queen Elizabeth, and Nostradamus.

In Sacred Geometry, the shape, size and form of each item on Earth call forth an action into being on the Earth plane. The shape of the crystal ball is a round sphere. This round shape represents infinity and the ability to see energy from all directions, which means the crystal ball allows you to see the past, present and future. This is much different than using a wand, which focuses energy in a specific direction, moving energy from point A to point B.

When using a crystal ball, you are psychically asking to see the big picture and how it affects everyone in the situation that you are inquiring about. It helps provide a clear understanding of what is occurring in the past, present and future on the Earth plane and in the higher spiritual planes. Crystal balls are best used to see big-picture prophecies.

Here are suggestions on how to work with a crystal ball:

  • Working with your crystal ball establishes a personal connection between you and the crystal, so do not allow others to hold or work with your crystal ball.
  • Wipe the ball with a silk scarf before placing the ball on its stand. This clears any psychic residue from a previous reading.
  • Dim the lights in the room where you are working and use candlelight, making sure the candle flame does not reflect directly into the crystal ball.
  • Surround yourself in a protective white light, asking that only the highest and best energies be made manifest through to you. It’s best to do this work in a room that you regularly clear and cleanse the energy in, creating a strong protective shield of energy in this space.
  • To connect with the crystal ball, hold it between your hands and focus your energy around the ball. You may also like to charge it for a few hours under a full moon.
  • Gaze into the ball, relax, breathe deeply and move into a meditative state. When you are ready, ask your question and let your eyes relax, like you are staring off into the distance. You may see a mist begin to appear in the room or around or inside of the ball along with images of people and situations.
  • The crystal ball does not form the images inside the ball. It works as a clear quartz crystal to help magnify and focus your energy in order for you to psychically see the images being projected from the spiritual planes. If it’s uncomfortable for you to gaze at the ball, place your hands on the ball and close your eyes and allow the images to appear in this form.
  • Hand-sized crystal balls can be used to telepathically connect and communicate with other people by charging one ball for you and one for them with this intention.
  • Always put your crystal back into its box after working with it or cover it completely with a dark cloth. If it is a smaller size, it can be placed in a velvet pouch. It’s important to keep the crystal ball away from sunlight and heat.
  • Remember, the psychic ability is within you! You are the oracle; the crystal ball is a tool to help you focus and project your psychic energy.
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