Relating to the Unseen


We are all capable of communicating with some of the many non-human beings that inhabit the world around us. Plants, places, rivers, and even stones are sentient and aware. We might perceive them as fairies, elves, or devas. Most of them are aware of us and often they have a good idea what kind of person we are, because they can read our thoughts and intentions, as animals do.

When you see a beautiful stone, perhaps you stop to pick it up and take it home. It’s highly probable that the stone saw you coming, and called to you to pick it up. You listened and obeyed without any conscious awareness of the interchange.

Beings such as those are commonly felt as a presence, rather than seen or heard; they may be seen and heard with the mind, rather than with physical eyes or ears. People dismiss this as “imagination,” but the imagination is a powerful tool — and just because you “imagine” something doesn’t mean it’s unreal.

It’s up to you how much credit you give to this kind of awareness. You can play with it, refine it, and have fun with it — or not. The real question is, what is real in this extraordinary world around us? Only you can answer that for yourself.

Everything physical in this world has a counterpart in the astral realm. Some people, labeled as psychic, can see in that realm, but most of us only catch glimpses. What we call a ghost is the astral body that may have been left behind after the physical body has died. It is fairly common for healthy humans to leave their bodies (sleeping or waking) and move around in the astral realm, but most of us promptly forget it because of negative cultural attitudes. People in comas may project their astral bodies and go looking for someone who can see and hear them, so that they can pass messages to their loved ones.

It’s important to understand that there are many other realms apart from the astral realm, but we humans can’t deal with the massive input that a constant awareness of those other realms would offer us, so we learn to block most or all of it when we incarnate as human. Psychics who can “see” things that are not visible to others don’t have easy lives. Imagine seeing ghosts everywhere you looked, or perceiving that someone has a serious illness, is about to have an accident or is being beaten by their spouse. How would you deal with that knowledge? Many people won’t thank you for passing on that information, and it might be a very bad idea to do so.

These days, a number of channelers are getting messages from specific beings who exist beyond time and space, perhaps on other planets, universes or planes of consciousness. However, you don’t need to channel to tap into your intuition, which is an inner knowing that comes from Soul itself, or All-that-you-are, or Source. Whatever name you use, this part of you that chose to create the physical self is a being that exists beyond time and space.

Intuition is true wisdom, and when we allow it to flow through us, it is often experienced as a physical sensation, such as shivers or goosebumps or a feeling in the gut. It may just be a very strong sensation of knowing. That’s because it has nothing to do with the rational brain, which is only a tool that stores information and knowledge. We have to override the rational brain to trust the intuition. The more we are able to do that, the more we find that our intuition comes through easily and freely, often providing us with very useful information at just the right moment.

Everyone has access to this, but the need for proof and rationalization limits our access to this incredible resource. You can bypass that need and choose to open yourself up to what is there waiting for you to pay attention. Trust in what feels right — and above all, have fun!

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Mikaya Heart
Mikaya Heart is a shamanic practitioner and a spiritual counselor, helping people to learn to operate from a place of trust instead of fear. Her students say that her radical wisdom and her unshakable integrity make her a wonderful guide in these troubled times. Mikaya is also an award-winning author and you can access her books on her website,


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