Tapping into your Psychic Experience


I believe it’s best, in my experience, to go with your gut, whether it be choosing a time to leave for a destination, picking a row to park in (I use this one a lot) or when to make that customer service call to get right through to a representative. Doing little things like that builds your personal confidence in “tapping in,” and it shows Spirit you are trusting in its guidance!

Once you start building on the small stuff, the bigger stuff comes naturally. You start becoming familiar with the feeling of a psychic or intuitive vibe rather than a personal impulse. Furthermore, I highly recommend taking time to recognize signs — but don’t be lazy and leave it open ended! Ask for a specific sign (maybe a red balloon, for example) in a specific amount of time (give it at least 24 hours) and be specific about the question!

For example: “Spirit, show me a red balloon within 24 hours if I should buy a new Toyota Highlander.” Then watch for the sign! You may see it on a billboard driving down the highway or it may come while you’re flipping through a magazine. Don’t worry that you’ll miss it, because you will! Your guides understand our humanity and will show it to you a few times!

I have found especially with noticing signs from Spirit that this work helps people get extremely familiar with their personal spirit guides and opens them up to more clairvoyance, etc. Of course, a tried and tested method to help you is meditation to open up further, as it clears out all the gobbledygook that prevents you from opening the mind and body to psychic information.

Personally, I read everything I could get my hands on to see what helped other people, because maybe there was something I didn’t consider. Now, with the advent of the internet you can find support groups, online classes and an extraordinary amount of free reading material. All this being said, don’t expect this info to be received as it is with your five physical senses! It’s more like recalling a memory, a blip received here and a blip remembered there. Give it time to manifest.

Note: the Universe has infinite resources to provide information to you, and it ain’t just working with you, honey child! And don’t go asking the same question over and over to see if you get a different result (one that is more preferable to your “taste”). That’s just a big ol’ slap in the face to the Divine! You’re essentially being a petulant child having a tantrum over not getting your way!

Trust in Spirit and build that relationship by honoring what you receive, even if you’d like a different outcome. Wouldn’t you rather know truth than to delude yourself in false hope?

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