True Health through True Responsibility: Everything is Connected


Please be aware that our thoughts and feelings are not as personal as we have been taught to believe. Every thought and emotion has a resonance, and with that frequency we are all in an ongoing state of nexus with the world, the universe.

In the traditional arts, it is believed that the intrinsic energy present in all matter is acting as an autonomic nervous system for all of existence. Each thought and emotion has an impact on the actuality, which is our world today, yesterday, forever (AND beyond).

All things are connected: every thought, word, emotion and action affects all other entities throughout time, space and distance. Positive, negative and indifferent thoughts and feelings manifest resonance. Yes, we are ALL in the “same common boat,” yet this reality is much broader than even that important age-old notion.

True responsibility is not only about what you do but what you think and feel. On a splendidly positive note, doing, feeling and “being” the right thing for the right selfish sake has quite a healthful effect, not just on oneself, but throughout…everything.

We all have this power, and each of us has a significant effect on our surroundings, well beyond the horizon. The resonance spoken of herein has no limitation, and our minds constantly offer communication that travels throughout the world and beyond.

It is of great importance that we be aware of our responsibility in this fashion. Positivity attracts positivity, negativity attracts negativity, and indifference attracts indifference, and so on. Obviously, it is quite dynamic and involved: Some things cannot be completely understood, at best only witnessed.

Our responsibility goes at least as far as being mindful of our thoughts, feelings and actions — fine-tuning them to be more and more splendidly consistent with the kind of world we desire. This awareness, this objective insight, prompts in us a level of true freedom that assists us in deeper and deeper realization that it really IS so much about true health through true responsibility.

The more responsibility we learn to take, the more significant our sense of true honesty, appreciation and lightness of being will be — with less and less to hide behind.

This all may take true effort, but the effort can allow us an infinite amount of true happiness — “glimpses of Heaven!” Thus, here in this world, we can be more and more healthful conduits between Heaven and Earth. Oh boy!

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Dr. Glen Hepker
Dr. Glen Hepker is an author (A Glimpse of Heaven: The Philosophy of True Health), a blogger, a part-time counselor, wellness coach, life coach, and a master instructor of tai chi chuan, chi kung, kung fu, refined meditation/guided imagery, and associated health/wellness arts (which are intrinsically inclusive of the quite broad and ages-old benevolent, altruistic, and empathetic health/wellness philosophy set forth in his book - along with acupuncture/pressure, nutritional arts, herbal arts, tui na, stretching arts (though he does not practice acupuncture or nutrition as a living), at Mason City Tai Chi~Chi Kung~Kung Fu & Wellness Center LLC, Mason City, IA USA


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