Your Animal’s Unconditional Love for You


You know that look your dog or cat gives you, the one that drips with acceptance and adoration? Yeah, that’s the stuff! Those of us who share lives with animals enjoy such daily experiences of momentary, utter bliss as we receive the love of our animal companion.

We live the truth that animals are better at unconditional love than are humans; we don’t need to be convinced! As an animal communicator, I begin sessions by explaining a few points to the human so that they may understand the general perspective of animals and, thereby, know what kind of information to expect. One of these points I explain by saying that animals are “closer to divinity,” or that they “better understand their eternal nature” as compared to humans. I find that regardless of the person’s religious/spiritual/consciousness practice, the vibration and intention of these phrases are very easily grasped. They have been living the truth that their animal is a teacher of pure love.

I continue by explaining that humans have a more unique experience in this earthly existence. As compared to animals and the whole of nature, we more thoroughly “forget” our divinity so that we may have a dynamic journey of “remembering” or rediscovering it from contrast.

After discussing the differences between the perspectives of humans and animals, I highlight some similarities that are shared. Animals and humans alike have ego, free will, access to the entire emotional spectrum and the desire for life purpose. These points tend to be more edifying to the human. For example, perhaps they had not considered that their animal companion pursued a personally satisfying purpose. “So my dog is career-minded?” they may ask in surprise and delight. As they absorb these points of perspective as new truth, the most profound truth of all had residence in their knowing all along: animals are better at unconditional love.

So, now I will address you, animal lover, as I’m assuming that it is you who are reading this piece. You certainly know that your animal(s) deeply love you, but there is an aspect of this love that you may not realize. Your animal’s love and acceptance of you is based on, and despite of, a profound understanding of you. In particular, I am referring to how your animal knows the truth about how you feel about yourself.

He or she is not a dumb animal; that’s another fact heartily accepted by humans who love animals. Not only do animals experience the same spectrum of emotions as humans, they have rich emotional lives. Animals are contemplative and they have spiritual practices. Much of the time we think they are napping away the day, but they actually may be in deep thought or a kind of meditation or prayer. Animals perceive the emotional climate and they have more details about your thoughts and emotions than you may realize.

Animals use telepathy much more than do humans. Their literacy of subtle vibrational language is exponentially more detailed than sensing when there is danger or that you are grieving and could use comfort. These responses are obvious, like the emotions that provoke them, but they also tune in to the baseline of self-speak we have. Animals’ telepathic nature affords them the ability to read and feel deeply into your inner thoughtscape. And with all that love they have for you, it stands to reason that they do want to know what is going on with you! Isn’t that how you feel about the people you love?

When you feel like you have failed, when you judge and reject yourself, you still come home to that face! This is not because your animal doesn’t know or doesn’t care that you are down on yourself. Your pup, kit, birdie, dragon, etc., feels how you disapprove of yourself and actively disagrees with you! Your animal’s unconditional love for you is present even though they understand your conditional love of yourself.

Your animal’s opinion of you is informed. The truth is you are thoroughly as lovable as that face claims!

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  1. Dear Trisha,
    I came upon learning about you & your spiritual work, by way of you actually following me on twitter. Of course, no coincidence ?? several messages I needed to hear today, you helped provide for my soul, so thank you so very much!

    I really loved this article on animal’s unconditional love for us!

    I had wanted to know if you might consider writing an article geared towards/for the animal rescuer/advocate, addressing spiritual help for the often extremely difficult situations we face & emotional pain we endure.

    While doing our soul’s work, we are dealing ongoingly with the pain & suffering of animals in our care, we often become extremely emotionally overwhelmed, bearing witness to the all too often cruelty that people inflict on these innocent soul’s. It can be very debilitating to say the least. Anxiety & depression, and a deep loss in faith in humanity, can and does, plaque many of us that have committed our lives to our work saving animals in need.

    I also feel, that besides the animals that we rescue, that are physically in our care, we are just seemingly non-stop bombarded with images and words of animals neglected, abandonded, abused & tortured. It almost impossible to get away from this, as “we” As a community of animal advocates, network to help save the lives of animals near & far. This is imperative to help bring about change, ie: signing petitions, sharing to find immediate help etc.

    I believe all persons that do this work are very sensitive beings in general, or we wouldn’t be emotionally & spiritually intuitive to the needs of animals suffering. I also feel, that some people (like myself) are sensitive to the extreme, and have even more difficulty being able to compartmentalize these intense emotions, and over time, get really worn down by it all.

    I feel that we rescue workers could all use some helpful strategies, and words of wisdom and kindness to help us cope & better balance ourselves so we don’t burn out, and can continue helping the animals in need that are depending on us for some mercy.

    Thank you for your consideration, in regards to an article on this important topic.

    I look forward to continuing to follow your spiritual work. I have found comfort in your wisdom that you channel and believe it was divine intervention that led us to each other. I was able to take away some important pearls that I needed to hear today, so many thanks!

    Many blessings,


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