Your God Given Gift: Your Divine Gift

Once upon a time, in a place not so long ago, a soul was embedded into a body of a little girl. This little girl grew up in a safe environment with parents who loved her.

During the first years of life, she learned that her mother was a healer. People would bring animals to their back door for healing. She also knew people came to her father for advice on spirits that were standing at the end of their bed. When the little girl was 5, her grandmother passed away and her spirit went right though her. The little girl was frightened by this, yet she could feel her grandmother’s love and even smell the fragrance that was only grandma’s.

School started and the little girl soon discovered that her life at home was not what everyone at school experienced. She was picked on because she knew what people were thinking before they said a word. No one knew about spirits or healing. She eventually learned to stay to herself and hide her God-given gifts and tried to blend in whenever possible.

At the tender age of 14, she picked up her first Tarot deck and began giving readings to only family and very close friends.

Adulthood followed with marriage and children. Her children learned that their mother was gifted and they would bring a new friend to the house so mom could “read” them to let them know what they were really like.

To have a God-given gift is very hard to contain because, after all, it is from the Divine.

Her children have grown and have families of their own now. She sees a divine gift in every one of her grandchildren. Once a little girl, now she has her very own business of Angel and Tarot Reading and Reiki.

The moral of this story? You can always be yourself. If someone doesn’t like who you are because of their fear, then let them go and share what you are with others who matter. Your divine gift was not given to test you. Your divine gift was given to share with those who respect it. Respect yourself and others will respect you, too. Accept your God-given gift, for you are truly blessed.



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