Conquering Depression


When depressed, we cannot truly determine our purpose, and the guidance we receive is ignored. Medication keeps us active in the EGO, the lower-self, and it creates a self-doubting environment of ignoring or being frightened as we experience an escalation of our abilities and gifts that we were provided at birth: psychic ability, seeing spirits, hearing voices, visions, sensations of vibrations, and so on.

Why do people get depressed when experiencing increased abilities?

My experience in life was spent being alone, angry and depressed. No one could understand me, especially growing up with a parent who was a mental health therapist. I have always seen colors, orbs and shadows. I have felt vibrations, tapping fingers and breezes. I have seen and heard people communicating to me. I spent hours playing in my closet with my teddy bear, crayons and paper, with my “imaginary friends.” How could one explain my guides, what I saw and heard, and not be considered peculiar growing up?

I went to several churches to stay in contact with God, but no one could answer my questions. I didn’t realize I was already connected with Him and that my gifts were from Him. In the Bible, gifts are not explained clearly, for readers take an example of someone being “blind” literally, rather than someone having the 3rd eye (chakra) open — and followers expect money and material things as gifts. They don’t use the same terminology that we are accustomed to today, so that explains why my questions were never answered.

How does depression play a key part in life? Depression is not knowing how to deal with gifts and situations. You feel as if you are the only one suffering and do not understand how life works. Depressed children acknowledge that they are different and are gifted, and they are afraid to approach a parent to seek guidance for what they are going through, and they become sad and withdrawn. They have a need to feel safe and lack the peace, love, joy and happiness that they could have if they understood themselves more fully.

How do I know? As a single parent with heavy financial burdens, lacking motivation and understanding, I battled depression lasting months. I recognized my feelings of alienation and determined it was crucial to pursue a way out. I began to ask God, the Creator, for guidance to rise above this dejected lifestyle and be freed from this feeling of being trapped.

I thought anti-depressants were the solution, but I began to feel otherwise and through the prodding of my intuition I ceased taking medications. Through my faith in guidance from the Divine, I managed to slowly climb out of my melancholy. The journey was long, but not short of rewards, and that led me to where I am today. I rose above the control of the lower-self that kept me from succeeding in life, finding my purpose, and my gifts, and now I am led to share my experiences with others.

Discovering the obstacles — the presence of the lower-self, negative emotions, causes and effects that kept me in a closed environment — rekindled my spirit and desire to reconnect with the Creator. And that experience allowed me to reconnect with spirit, resulting in a manifestation of abundance that included a reconnection to my guides, gifts, and being led to assist others through love, humility, compassion, healing and education.

I am grateful for the gifts of guidance and success to dispel the obstacles that impact my life in seeking the wisdom of all creation. Reconnecting with the Divine, which I knew as a child, allowed me to again recognize vibrations, touches, colors, communications, and visions — and I continue to evolve daily. I am bestowed with the tools to educate on various levels, to reveal gifts, life’s purposes, and remove toxic energies for others.

In addition, He provides me with the guidance to engage with my gifted children (one sees spirits and elementals, and the other is a shaman) and share the experience of learning together during this lifetime journey. Living within the spirit with the Creator, I know who I am, how I serve, and guide others in their exploration to reconnect and dispel their fears and doubts.

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Tracy Kvamme (Krouse)
Tracy Kvamme (Krouse) is a Divine Angelic REIKI Master, a non-touch healer with Shamanic techniques, educator, and inspirational speaker. She delivers group Reiki demonstrations that allow people to receive divine energy. She communicates with the Archangels, spirits and elementals. She researches and studies ancient mysteries and prophecies. She relocates spirits and extracts negative beings from objects and places while on or off site. She is the producer and host of "The Edge's Mystikologist," and she is the producer and guest on The Edge's "Angels, Messengers of Light" podcast on Blog Talk radio. Contact Tracy at 612.501.0858, [email protected] and


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