The Energies of 2017: Intuitive & Numerological Insights into the Coming Year


We asked local intuitives to share their insights for the coming year. This is what we received.

Anne Brady-Cronin, ONE Holistic Wellness, at
I sat at the edge of the water, and posed this question to Spirit, “What will 2017 bring, and what do we need to know now?” My guides began to describe to me what is to come, some of what seems clear to me, while other information leaves me curious and excited to see how it transpires.

“This year will enter in a way that will be challenging for some,” my guides said, offering the visual image of candy being stripped from the hands of a screaming toddler. “What no longer serves you will be removed, for it impedes your growth and diminishes your light.”

“The factors of limitation must be removed, and so, the changes will occur, more rapidly than before. We hold so much love for you, that your well-being must no longer be held in compromise. The comforts that you once knew are of no use to you any longer, and so, like the child, their removal may come with some discomfort. It is merely your old fear that keeps you clinging to the past. We will help you, guide you, to your future light.”

As my guides continued to speak, they shared insights into the emergence of galactic forces that will assist us in our transformation.

“The field shall expand and your galactic brothers and sisters shall come forth in greater numbers to assist you all in your journey to enlightenment. They shall emerge from within you, from within your societies, and show themselves to those who have eyes to see, and are ready to embrace their truth.”

“With these galactic forces will come a great awakening within your energy bodies, new forces will move within.” They showed me a picture of new energy centers in the body that will begin to open, allowing us greater expansion into our spiritual selves and greater vibrational alignments.

I believe this is an exciting time, that all is unfolding beautifully to allow our greatest expansion and light to be brought into this world. We are guided, escorted and supported. Our part of this is to open ourselves and allow. With love.

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist, at
2017 –Your adventure begins. It’s extremely important for you to know why your adventure begins this year. You are moving into a brand new 9-year cycle of your personal and professional life. Now is your time to step up and do your part to make your world a better place to live and thrive. The time is right for you to explore unlimited opportunities for success and fulfillment for yourself and those you love.

The last nine-year century cycle you just completed was the energy of 224, which added up to 8 (2+2+4). For the last nine years, the energy of 8 caused many of you to learn tough lessons about the responsibilities of money management. Many people who were responsible and aware of timeline cycles created many successful opportunities for themselves. Overall, during the last nine years, many people were faced with personal and professional challenges while the energy of money became your teacher.

This next nine-year century cycle will be much different than the last nine-year century cycle. There will be many opportunities for you to create and experience the universal laws of the spiritual awakening — living the philosophy of “we are all one.” This will open pathways to your creativity. It will assist you in achieving success using the power of love, win-win outcomes, peace, abundance, intuition, passion, purpose and enlightenment.

Numerology measures the energy of 2017 as being a 1- year vibration. The 1- energy inspires you to start new things, head in a new direction, and become confident by overcoming challenges and fears. You are being encouraged to step into a leadership role whenever the opportunity arises. Become a way-shower, become fueled with passion, and move into your destiny.

Your adventure begins….

Celeste LaMosse, at
I am predicting that veganism will continue to rise. The Earth is reaching her limit on being able to feed her ever-burgeoning population. Technology is developing more and more plant-based products that are healthier and more cost- and energy-effective than meat. More products will be introduced that have the texture and, more importantly, the taste to persuade carnivores to make the switch.

A surprising revelation will come from either a top, trusted government official or prominent movie star/actor that they’ve personally had UFO encounters.

Travel to Europe will get much less expensive. Iceland will continue to grow as a destination and will gain a lot of income from hosting conferences and promoting itself as a “getaway” vacation.

Marijuana will continue to be legalized and all the states on board will gain tremendous income, and some surprising tourist destinations built around it will appear.

On a “fluffier” note, Angelina Jolie will be seen in the company of a prominent foreign business CEO by the end of 2017 and this will turn out to be her permanent partner.

Psychics in the Cities, at

  • Debra: What do I see for 2017? I see a lamb. I wonder, why a lamb? We will have seen enough. We will want peace more than ever. We will become more humble — not in a submissive way, but in a way that we understand that we are not better than anyone else. For any reason. This is the Earth. We are human. There is drama. There is laughter, tears, light, dark. Then, there’s that lamb. Gentle and loving. It is hard to see or receive information for so many. We have free will. But that lamb won’t go away. That’s good.
  • Judie: The frantic energy at the end of 2016 will still be in evidence for the beginning of 2017. I see April 2017 will be a turning point for many people. There will be an end to the raw feelings of 2016 and a softer approach to solving difficult situations. This is more about personal journeys than the political climate. People will be realizing that no matter what is going on in the world, they still have to exist in their own lives. They will start to take back their own power.
  • Connie: Remember that old song, “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”? Spirit reminds us that this human-journey is never going to be easy. It will be rough and tumble. We are meant to get our hands dirty as we help our fellow humans and learn our Earth lessons. I see more help from above than ever before: angels walking among us for courage and comfort, guides and teachers imparting wisdom and presenting us with challenges as we grow in compassion. Those on the other side are watching us with hope, waiting for us to recognize, finally, our Oneness. That shift in consciousness continues to build momentum in 2017.

Lynn & Marie Savage, Earth & Water Wellness, at
2017: A new reality emerges. Many mystics and spiritual teachers have been saying that we have entered the long-awaited time of ascension. Those who are attuned have been feeling a dramatic shift in the energy, especially since we went through the portal in 2012.

But you may ask, where is the joy and bliss to be expected of a new age of consciousness? Clearly, we are still in the midst of a great deal of darkness and chaos. Hatred and division have infected our political system. Those who thought, as did I, that Bernie Sanders’ candidacy represented a positive current of change in response to an overall shift in consciousness now must deal with a new president named Trump. Does this mean that ascension has been canceled and we are moving backward?

I’m here to report that the answer to that question is no. Pluto has been transiting through Capricorn since 2008, inducing dramatic currents of change. The French and American revolutions took place under this sign. The prevailing energy promotes the stripping away of façades and revelation of dark secrets. There is no longer any place to hide for those who manipulate through lies and deceit.

For a new order to rise, the old one must first fall. The process of doing this can be quite painful and chaotic. Political revolution certainly can be an effective means of toppling established order, but fortunately that is not the only means. Things have been changing around us in any case.

Whatever you may think of him, our newly elected president is an agent of change. He may not be consciously guided by enlightenment, but powerful currents of change are in charge. What better way to deal with darkness than to expose and confront it. Each of us has the capacity to shine the light within us and to, thereby, transform any situation. The new reality appears in pieces, and eventually connects to form a cohesive web.

The months ahead may be turbulent; economic collapse is one possibility. Rather than being ruled by fear, try looking for the currents of light that are weaving around and forming the outlines of our new reality. It is surely coming.

Jean Wallis, at
When I tuned in to my guides, asking about predictions for 2017, I was surprised to hear predictions for each of us as individuals rather than predictions regarding world events. I asked, “Is that what I am to write about?” I got an affirmative answer, so here it goes!

The year 2017 is a number 1 in numerology. This is the number both of the individual and a unified collective. It is by going inward that we are going to be affecting the outer world. There is a saying I find pertinent here, “The strength of the wolf is in the pack, and the strength of the pack is in the wolf.” We are going to be experiencing the duality of this dimension in a whole new way. Rather than the outer duality, although there certainly will appear to be some, our new dualistic experience will be more about balancing two poles rather than opposing two poles. It is more about balancing the masculine and feminine, for example, rather than the feminine pushing against the masculine, or vice versa.

This year, the brand new shiny 2017, is the time for us to focus on Self — to clear our own slates, to focus on what’s best for us, to stay out of fear, judgment and righteousness. It is time to release our focus on the outer world. No matter what is going on “out there,” where we have no real control, it is time to choose to be “in here,” where we have complete control of our reaction to the outer. We can choose how to experience our immediate reality. “Energy flows where attention goes.” If we strengthen ourselves, we will strengthen the collective. We create peace by being peace, not fighting for peace.

Leigh Cohen Wyatt, at
The year 2107 is a 1 year. This shows that the year 2017 will bring new beginnings and much activity. The pioneering spirit makes way for new inventions, new discoveries or new creations. Its energy will bring originality, new ideas, new leaders (committees, chairpersons, etc.), new ideas, or new additions to things done for the surrounding area, cities, towns, counties, etc.

Here are some other insights for 2017:

  • Trump is assassinated or impeached.
  • Don’t be surprised to see politicians in handcuffs.
  • The economy/stock market will be volatile and then rebound around April. This pattern will repeat itself several times throughout the year.
  • An announcement for a new baby for the royal family around June.
  • Solar power will account for an important portion of global power generation, and that will increase in many economies and businesses that guard against the impact of climate change and rising energy costs.
  • Taylor Swift will get married.
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