Healing through Noninterference


To heal from depression or emotional wounds is to allow life to flow through it, by not interfering.

There is no such thing as healing and enlightenment. We only assume some of the processes in life as being those things. In its very essence, life is in a constant state of flow and everything in that flow has its own life cycle, which eventually comes to an end and creates space for a new cycle.

It’s the same with our thought patterns and conditioning — they just want to go through their complete life cycle, as with anything else. The reason why some of our old thinking patterns, old wounds and perceptions of life keep reappearing (even if we know that they are not true and recognize them for what they are) is because we resist them, and in doing this, we prevent them from completing. So they keep on reappearing until they can find completion.

To resist means to direct our life energy towards what we don’t want to embrace in our lives. And what we resist persists! That’s because we are interfering in the life cycle of patterns that are in a constant state of flow. Most of the time we are resisting ourselves, by believing that we need to work for and find our fulfilment.

Can we just accept and realize that we are already healed, already whole, enlightened and good enough, instead of trying to constantly “fix ourselves” and look for ways to fulfill ourselves? Can we see these patterns for what they are — just another creation of love going through its life cycle? Can we see our wounds and patterns as a flower that needs to open its petals and fulfill its purpose?

Life is in a constant flow of creating new life, and this creative force is love itself. We are not the creation, the form, and we are not the pattern that is living through us. We are the love from where it all arises and eventually dies to be reborn again. We are the infinite, beautiful and already fulfilled part of God, expressing itself as form through the world of illusion.

We can spend decades in meditation, trying to “fix” our minds, or…we can just pay attention and embrace the space from where everything is arising in this present moment. There is no wrong path to take, yet at some point all paths lead to complete surrender to who we are, and this exposes us to the flow of life — allowing everything in us to live through its cycle of life.

What we perceive as a healing essentially is an art of non-interfering in the flow of love as it works through us.

We can’t learn how to become enlightened, how to love ourselves and find the fulfilment that we seek. That’s because we can’t get to or achieve what we already are! Once we stop interfering and trying to “fix” ourselves, we allow life to work through us and reveal what we essentially already are. This happens without us needing to stop our thoughts, convince ourselves of something, or master any other “fix” that we imagine we might need.

Sometimes, non-interference is very uncomfortable, as some old pains might arise (those which we have been resisting), as well as fears and a sense of losing control. We might experience a feeling of death of the “self,” while at the same time understanding that we are still alive. In the end, what takes its place is always love, arising as a different dimension within us and bringing us to the realization that we have always been here: whole, fulfilled and beautiful, just the way we are, right at this moment.

Life is always in a state of flow, and our suffering is caused only by our resistance to it.

So to heal is to choose another way — the way of noninterference and acceptance of life, as it flows into each new moment. This acceptance allows the unobstructed flow of energy, and the arising and completion of all cycles of life within us.

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Erast Matej
Erast Matej is a mindfulness life coach, healer and writer. His journey was full of great ambition and great failure. After attending many life coaching classes, consulting with many spiritual teachers and looking for every possible way to break free from his conditioning and manifest the life that he desired, he eventually came across a very simple truth -- that we are not all the same, and one size does not fit all. So he began his unique coaching work, giving people an opportunity to find their own unique truth. He believes that the only truth applicable to everyone is that we all have a great potential of love inside, waiting to be discovered, after we heal our conditioning. We can spend decades exhausting this conditioning, or understand and accelerate the process, and let it heal. To find out more about Erast's work, visit www.bethismoment.com.


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