Holistic Solutions for Depression and PTSD


Depression and PTSD are very challenging conditions. In my years of being an empath, I have experienced both of these conditions. I felt overwhelmed and annoyed with an impending sense of dread. I began to blame my external environment but quickly learned that blaming is not an effective solution. I believe that everything in life is a lesson or a blessing.

I learned that the experience served a purpose. It taught me many valuable skills that I use in life everyday. I am much more empathetic and understanding of others who are suffering in similar ways.

I can walk out into the world, observe a person who looks like he or she is having a tough time and understand that there may be a deeper reason for this behavior. I can avoid judging the person and observe and practice empathy. Empathy turns into respect and honor for another person. It is what we all want for ourselves and the best way to get that is to give that to another person.

I have another gift of being a healer. As a massage therapist of 19 years, I can recognize, respect and honor a person in a time of need, and I can actually be an active part of the person’s healing process. I can help move the healing to a higher place. The higher place may be to relieve the suffering, it may be to broaden the perspective of the nature of the suffering or it may be to help the person come to know a new facet of spirituality. This is not my decision, for it is the decision of the client. I am not the guru; I am the facilitator.

There are hundreds and possibly even thousands of options for dealing with PTSD and depression. Personally, I feel that the least effective ways of dealing with these conditions is to ignore, do nothing, learn nothing, suffer or turn your pain onto someone else in a negative way.

Ask yourself what you should do: self-inquiry, meditation/prayer, therapy, coaching, talking with friends or family, essential oils, 5 HTP (oxitriptan) supplements, St. Johns Wort, acupuncture/cupping/Eastern medicine, exercise/yoga, sound healing, massage, diet changes, rest, emotional release/crying/acknowledging the pain and letting it pass, volunteer to ease the suffering of someone else as you heal, or find another option that works better for you.

In my years of coaching, I have seen many barriers to moving through the process of healing. Some of the main barriers I noticed were a lack of self-awareness of the problem, a lack of desire to put the effort and intention into healing and excuses about the financial investment required for healing. The majority of the options that I have presented are of no cost or very little cost.

You deserve to move past the depression and PTSD. You can move through it. There are viable solutions available to you right now if you choose to open yourself to that possibility. Your feelings matter. Your pain and suffering is a blessing even if it does not feel that way in the current moment. If one of these methods did not work in the past, try another, because oftentimes, suffering, or the degree of suffering is a choice.

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Melissa Lewis
Melissa Lewis is an author and Spiritual Healing Advisor. She has been a Massage Therapist for over 20 years and has coached for a Top 5 Fortune 500 company. She has overcome incredibly difficult personal situations and it is her calling to share what she has learned about spirituality for the benefit of others. Visit www.theangelwearsprana.com. Explore her Facebook page at Theangelwearsprana, and her Intentional Spiritual Community at www.facebook.com/groups/503869996928748/


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