Love is the Antidote for Depression


Depression is not a natural state of being. It is created by certain deep-rooted thoughts and assumptions in the subconscious mind. Several layers in the subconscious mind support a depressed state of mind:

  • Layer of Thoughts — We live in a world where there is so much emphasis on succeeding and where time is valued as money. There is not much time left in the modern world to pay attention to thoughts. A majority of our thoughts are unconsciously generated without our awareness of them. Thoughts are very powerful, for they define our words spoken and actions done. Hence, unhealthy or disempowering thoughts lead to creating a similar world for ourselves. Paying attention to thoughts will become much easier when we understand the next layer in the mind, which is emotions.
  • Layer of Emotions — Emotions are free flowing like water. They are healthy when they flow, and they create distress when they are blocked. A depressed state of mind is created by negative or unwholesome emotions being unacknowledged and blocked. Fear of failure, feeling of not being loved enough, disappointment, saddened by bereavement, hatred, unworthiness, toxic shame and deep guilt eventually lead to depressing thoughts. The way to deal with emotions is to keep them flowing. When we do not acknowledge and accept the emotions as they are, they will be blocked. By holding the emotions with empathy, like how a mother holds her baby, the energy behind these emotions is unblocked. By accepting our emotions as they are, without judging or labeling, it helps them flow freely like a stream. The depressing emotions often surface from deeper layers of beliefs. When we understand the next layer of mind, which is beliefs, accepting depressing emotions becomes much easier.
  • Layer of Beliefs — Our subconscious mind has certain core beliefs conditioned by repeated emotions. Repeatedly feeling unloved creates a belief that “No one ever loves me.” Repeatedly feeling betrayed creates a belief that “I cannot trust anyone.” When one can identify the core limiting belief one is carrying, it becomes easier to deal with depression. Often the limiting beliefs that lead to a depressed state of mind include: “I am not worthy,” “I do not deserve,” “I am not loved by anyone,” “I am a failure,” and “I am not essential.” These assumptions about oneself are at the root of how one feels and how one thinks in everyday life. Everyone wants to feel happy always, and this is the real purpose of our life. However, happiness is, by nature, unconditional. Making others or the outside world the cause for our happiness creates all self-limiting beliefs. We can choose to feel happy, loved, worthy and deserving. By repeatedly choosing the feelings of love for oneself, one can shift the state of being.

Shifting from a depressed state of being to a joyful state is a journey that takes its course within. By touching the Love as our true essence, we dissolve the limiting beliefs about ourself, become aware of our emotions causing distress, accept them as they are and finally become conscious of our thoughts and choose healthy and empowering thoughts. In this journey, we discover that love for oneself is completely possible and within reach of everyone. We all deserve to feel loved — and in the journey discover that Love is the foundation for the beautiful mansion we call life.

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Kiran Anumalasetty
Kiran Anumalasetty is a past life regression facilitator and a spiritual counselor living in Hyderabad, India. He is passionate about working with people and seeing them awaken to their true potential for healing and wellness. He has been facilitating one-on-one sessions with clients for the past five years at Life Research Academy ( ) in Hyderabad. He is a member of the Indian Advisory Board, Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR).


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